Fitness Workout Plans to Transform Your Body in 1 Month

So you’re here because you want to lose weight and get in shape in 4 weeks! No sweat, below is a nice fitness workout plan that does not require any fancy gym equipment, just a bit of determination, consistency and your body weight. That’s it.

Fitness Workout Plans to Transform Your Body in 1 Month

The great part about this workout plan is it is easy to follow, fantastic for beginners and suits both men and women looking to make a positive impact on their health and fitness.

With this short and sweet fitness plan, it only takes 4 weeks to see the transformation..

And it only requires 5 exercises from the push up, the plank, lying hip raises, the bird-dog and the squat.

But … But you have to eat well too.

No point in continuing to eat the way have been without some effort in changing the way you eat too. So get more nutritional foods into your body too, as eating healthy well account for more than 50% of your results!

Note – this workout plan is to help you get into a consistent healthy fitness routine that will not help you get started but as well, get you one step closer to your fitness goal.

Fitness Workout Plans

Once you finish the 4 week workout plan, you can either rinse and repeat … or move onto a new workout plan. We’ve also attached another ten week home fitness plan for those who wants to finally achieve another weight loss goal!

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As we promised, below is another fantastic workout plan that anyone can try at home. It only needs you to exercise Monday to Friday. And try to get in some cardio workout in between those days or the weekends. So no more excuses for not reducing the size of your waistline!

The above fitness workout plans does require effort and consistency on your part. So when you begin, participate at 100% and as well, eat and drink healthier by reducing processed foods and junk foods and those sweetened soda beverages.
By combining a good fitness routine and a sensible healthy eating habit, you will achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

So let’s transform your body in 4 weeks now!

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