6 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Right In A Chair

6 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Right In A Chair

If your work requires long sitting hours, and after the work time you have not enough time to exercise, then you are on the right site as in this text we shall demonstrate six exercises which can be performed while sitting. You will need these exercises, especially if you want to protect your health as according to 47 scientific research projects, people who spent most of the day in a sitting position are more prone to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

Thanks to the use of these exercises you will enhance your energy levels thus feeling fresh and vigorous. They will help you with the digestion, with melting the fat and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Desk Belly Exercises

Exercise No 1

While sitting on your chair make sure that your back is straight. Then position your feet flat on the ground, and keep them shoulder apart. Raise one knee and bring it towards your chest, meanwhile your belly is being sucked in and the back straight. For a better stretch in your stomach muscles, grab your shin. Perform 20 – 30 repetitions, and after that change with the other knee. By doing this exercise, all of your belly muscles will work nicely and effectively.


Exercise No 2

This belly exercise is ideal for your waist, and as well as for the lower abdominal muscles. By performing it you will manage to oblique your belly. However, you need to do it in the right way meaning that your elbow should meet the opposite knee, and in that moment the body should gently turn a bit. Place your body in a sitting position with straight back, and then grab the sides of the chair. Elevate your whole body in the air by using pressure with your arms, and your legs should be hanging just like in the picture. Next, lift your knees upwards to your chest by using your abs. Remain like that for around 20 seconds, and then slowly go back to your initial position. Does this exercise four times.


Exercise No 3

Performing this exercise you will manage to burn the fat on your hips and on the sides of your belly.

For this exercise, you need to sit on the edge of your chair holding with your hands on the sides and maintaining straight back. Try to sit only on one glute, while you are bending all your body weight on one side. Next, raise your both knees towards your chest but make sure to keep them together. Go back to the starting position, and do it again. You need to perform 10 – 20 repetitions of this exercise on each side.


Exercise No 4

In a sitting position with straight back place your hands behind your head, on your neck. Then, elevate one knee towards the chest, and bend the opposite elbow to touch the knee, and at that point the upper body should slightly turn. Go back to the starting position and perform 15 repetitions. After that change side and perform another 15 reps. For optimal results, try performing 4 series of 15 reps on each side.


Exercise No 5

This exercise is beneficial for the waist; it burns all the fat around the waste and shapes it well.

While sitting keep your legs together and hold the sides of your chair. Make certain to keep your back straight, and then pull both of your knees towards your chest at the same time. By doing so, you will experience tension in your stomach muscles. After that return to the starting position with your feet touching the ground. Perform 10 – 20 reps of this exercise.


Exercise No 6

For this one you will need a chair that has arms, and not a rolling one. This exercise will tone your shoulder, back and belly muscles, and it will quickly burn all that fat.

Your feet should be on the floor, and your arms straight in a shoulder level. Hold your upper body straight, and then bend to the right trying to touch your left foot with your right palm. After that go back to the initial position, and repeat the exercise on the other side with the other hand. Perform 20 – 30 repetitions so that both sides count as one.

All the above mentioned 6 exercises are extremely helpful in reducing belly fat. Yet, we suggest one more for more optimal results. Contrary to the previous ones, this exercise needs to be performed standing next to your chair. By doing this exercise you will manage to burn fat in the waist area and your belly, and as well as strengthen your glutes.


Bonus Exercise

Take a standing position just right behind your chair, and then hold to it with your left arm. Lift your other arm above your head. Start lowering the hand that is in the air, and immediately raise the right leg in the air and try to touch the leg with the right arm. Go back to initial position and do this exercise 10 – 15 times. After that change side and perform another 15 repetitions. Try your best to perform 4 series on both sides.

We are hoping that we helped you with these exercises, and if so share them with your friends and family. These six plus one exercises will help you in acquiring the ideal belly you have always wanted and the results will be quicker if you combine them with healthy foods.

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