The Shape Of Your Belly Button And What It Says About Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Belly Button And What It Says About Your Personality

Each has a unique shape for their belly button. Would you like to know what the personality assessment form has to say about you? It might seem absurd at first, but reading through each description below won't cost you anything.

Omphalomancy is primarily recognized as the study of navel shapes. According to published articles, it's a kind of divination that can estimate the number of children a mother can have in her lifetime. This theory elaborates on how your navel is shaped. The explanation may sound a little strange, but your umbilicus's configuration, color, and lump will surely teach you a lot. Discover the unexpected insights gleaned from your belly button's shape.

1. Protruding Navel

The belly button that sticks out manifests strong character. You are frequently stubborn or persevering. Nonetheless, you stick to beliefs and opinions after giving these thoughts full consideration. You love to be in the glare of publicity and the center of everyone's attention. Love and affection will always be significant issues for you. Ironically, it takes time before you find a compatible partner. But, this relationship is expected to last.


2. Big and Deep

Persons with extensive and broad belly buttons have big hearts. In other words, your generosity has no limitations. You don't tell loved ones and peers about your misfortunes in life. As an expert in man management, you treat people nicely. You are prudent because of different experiences in life. There's a tendency for you to doubt the need to become unselfish in a selfish society, so it's vital to get rid of this perception. Then, you remain the person you should be.


3. Shallow and Small

Shallow and small navels highlight a person's dark personality. You can keep secrets and understand the negative side of other people. It's very likely not to trust others except for relatives and acquaintances that are close to you. You are secretive to the point of being weird since you have gone through many things and gained a lot of experience. Because of these settings, your skepticism is acceptable enough.


4. Downward

The downward belly button is precisely the opposite of the previous shape. It signifies low energy level. However, this is only the physical side of life. You are not keen on manual work or activities but stand out in tasks that require intelligence. You may be lazy at times but smart. This laziness urges you to look for better techniques in doing a sure thing. Thus, it's alright just to take something natural and continue doing your stuff.


5. Oval Shape

The egg-shaped navel is often connected to hyperactivity and being over-sensitive. You are impatient and needs things to do all the time. It is natural for you to get fed up quickly and find something new. The problem is you are easily upset or hurt because of taking things very seriously. You choose to be silent about it and bear the pain. It's necessary to improve on this, but your inquisitiveness will help you get out of this unpleasant condition.


6. Wide Belly Button

People with this kind of navel are alert. You are always on the ball and ready to cope with any situation. People with this contour of belly button are those who don't give their trust to others right away. Conversely, people whom you trust mean a lot to you. You will defend and care for them forcefully. At the same time, you are very particular with trust and studying carefully at how people treat you. One of your principles in life is to treat others as they treat you.

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