Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Fascinating Details About Your Personality

Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Fascinating Details About Your Personality

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time!

Not only do you feel like you’re getting off to a fresh start, the first few months of the year are always jam-packed with fun, from New Year’s itself to Valentine’s Day and beyond!

But if you ask us, there’s one seasonal event that tops them all! There’s no annual ritual that we look forward to more than the start of Girl Scout cookie season.

For decades, the start of the year has meant that it’s time to keep an eye out for kids in your neighborhood wearing the distinctive green, brown, or blue uniforms of the Scouts and hawking distinctive boxes of their signature cookies.

While most of the year you have to content yourself with perfecting your own iconic cookie recipe, January through April are primetime to track down your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors before sales end.

Of course, there are some wildly divided schools of thought about which cookie is the best, so we’ve broken down a few of everyone’s favorite cookies of the past and present to help you choose.

1. Golden Yangles

Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Fascinating Details About Your Personality
Though these aren’t technically a cookie, the Scouts sold Golden Yangles, a cheesy cracker snack, in the ’80s.

Often compared to Cheez-Its and Goldfish, these snack crackers are still fondly remembered by everyone who grew up with them!

If you still hanker after Golden Yangles, you’re a true out-of-the-box thinker! When everyone else is thinking sweet, you go right for savory.

You aren’t afraid to swim upstream and draw attention, because public opinion doesn’t phase you one bit!


2. Trefoils

Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Fascinating Details About Your Personality
The Trefoil is a classic buttery shortbread cookie designed in the trefoil shape of the Scout’s logo.

These are the longest-running cookies around, dating all the way back to the first nationwide cookie sales during the Great Depression, which helped to keep the Scouts afloat during the tough times.

Do you always go right for these shortbread confections? Then you might be quaint and a bit old-fashioned at heart.

You like to host picnics, make your own lemonade from scratch, and celebrate cookie season with a treat that stands the test of time!


3. Lemonades

These sunny, citrus-flavored cookies are perfect for the chilly winter months when the Scouts are in high gear.

After all, it’s too chilly for lemonade, but you can still get a taste of warmer months to come with these frosted lemon shortbreads!

Do you wait all year for Lemonades? Then you might be an unflagging optimist who always looks on the bright side.

You’re known for finding the silver lining in every situation, and you have a personality as cheery and jaunty as your taste in sweets!


4. Van'Chos

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, these cream-filled sandwich cookies were the Girl Scouts’ answer to Oreos, as well as a nod to earlier versions of sandwich cookies that they sold in the ’50s. These aren’t produced anymore, but lots of folks remember them fondly!

If you always loved Van’Chos, you’re an adaptable type, who’s happy to go with the flow.

Sure, you’re favorite cookie was phased out, but there are plenty of similar options where that came from.

You roll with the punches, and find a way to achieve your goals in any situation!


5. Juliettes

Another cookie that was phased out, the Juliette — named after the Girl Scouts’ founder Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low — was available in the mid-’80s, and again in the mid-’90s.

It’s a shame that they no longer make them, because these treats — featuring pecans and caramel covered in chocolate — sound delicious!

If you still hanker after these caramel and chocolate treats today, you love to add a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

You aren’t over-the-top in general, but you know that the best way to make an ordinary day extraordinary is with a tiny taste of something decadent!


6. Peanut Butter Patties

Peanut Butter Patties are a long-standing classic among the cookies, often placing third on lists of the best-sellers.

Also called Tagalongs, they’re made up of a wafer cookie topped with creamy peanut butter and dipped in chocolate — perfection!

If you love Peanut Butter Patties, you’re as quirky and creative as the first person who thought to combine chocolate and peanut butter.

You’re a natural born leader who’s never afraid to take a chance on something new, and turn it into the next big thing!


7. Thin Mints

Thin Mints are a perennial favorite among cookie connoisseurs, consistently ranking as the number one best-selling cookie for the Scouts!

Once known as Chocolate Mints, the famous cookies delightfully combine chocolate and peppermint, and have been around since the 1950s.

If you love Thin Mints the most, then you might be the kind of person who friends describe as “classic.”

You’re elegant, understated, and chic, with a taste for the finer things, including these sleek and crispy cookies!


8. Caramel deLites

Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals Fascinating Details About Your Personality
Also known as Samoas, these are one of the most beloved Scout cookies on record!

Introduced in the mid-’70s, these round caramel-covered cookies are known for their unique donut shape, as well as their signature fudge stripes and coating of toasted coconut.

If this is your favorite cookie, you may be an adventurous type who doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “less is more.”

Why settle for one good thing when you could have a snack covered in caramel, coconut, and chocolate? You’re warm and charismatic with a big personality.

Which of these famous Girl Scouts treats is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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