Amazing Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Amazing Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

The healthiest thing you can do for your body is to make sure you drink enough water every day. Water has the highest composition of all substances, but it is also necessary for the body's organs to perform their functions as intended. In order to maintain appropriate water levels and stop the development of illnesses like battle fatigue, we advise you to consume six to eight glasses of water every day. The majority of people on the planet are unaware of alkaline water or its health benefits.

Most of the time, plain water is insufficient to regulate the body's pH levels; instead, a small amount of alkaline water is required. Certain drinks that are available on the market make this claim. The truth is that making it at home with organic ingredients is actually much easier. In addition to giving the body more nutrients, this water will lower the acidity levels in the body.

Why should I drink alkaline water?

Before we present how to create own alkaline water at home, it is important to know about its benefits and reason why you should be taking it many times weekly. For a beginning, the body pH is measured on a scale between 0 until 14. It 7 is the neutral level. Everything over 7 is determined alkaline and below 7 is acidic level. It is confirmed that for the body to run healthy it’s pH must stay within 7.35- 7.45. There is an existing problem in our foods which are becoming much acidic. Therefore most of us aren’t aware that a large level of the food we eat normally can raise these levels. This can result, our organs to undergo a series of difficulties while attempting to perform their duties. If the toxin levels progress, the tissues start to degenerate and some severe disease could occur.


How To Make Alkaline Water at Home To Fight Fatigue?

You can make alkaline water by mixing lemon with Himalayan salt and with some purified water. It will give enough quantity of vitamin C, pectin, bioflavonoids and some fundamental minerals that will defend the metabolism, immune and also cardiovascular system. Moreover, it contains some basic oils like alpha-thujone and limonene, which antioxidant results will assist decrease the contradictory effects some of the free radicals. If you take this, it will provide to healthy weight loss diet plan. It will fight liquid maintenance and will relieve tension problems. Furthermore, enhance the psychic energy levels, reducing the symptoms of irritation and tension.



  • One a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt,
  • One organic lemon,
  • Two liters of purified water.



Start with, washing the lemon with water and (ACV) apple cider vinegar to disinfect it. Next, cut it in slices and combine it to a pitcher with 4 Oz of purified water. Then, combine a single teaspoon of Himalayan salt, mix with a spatula and let it chill overnight at room temperature. Day after, consume one or two glasses, a half hour ahead of breakfast.


To Underline The Importance

The doctors do not recommend Alkaline drink to people with high blood pressure. The level of drink shall not pass three times a day because over the body process limits and may over-alkalize the body. For greatest results, drink six glasses of water daily, eat a well-balanced meal rich and exercise often.  You also need to lessen the amount of fast food and preserved food because they are a potential root of toxins.

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