Sugar Detox Diet – Lose Up To 30 lbs In 4 Weeks

Sugar Detox Diet – Lose Up To 30 lbs In 4 Weeks

Even though the majority of us are now aware of the detrimental effects that pure sugar has on our bodies as a whole, we still include it in our meals and snacks. Our inability to lose weight is caused by our increased sugar intake. Detoxing from sugar is therefore absolutely essential.

There is no way to "get around" sugar because it is a common ingredient in practically every food that we eat on a daily basis and because it is highly addictive.

Large sugar intake increases dopamine levels in a manner similar to how other drugs can become addictive.

Here are the most critical reasons why you must be distinct away from sugar despite its addictiveness:
  • Increases the serotonin levels
  • Causes premature aging
  • It has no nutrition value at all
  • May engender some gallstones
  • It is actually very addictive
  • Weakens your eyesight
  • Can produce ulcers
  • May cause arthritis
  • Raises the risks of diabetes
  • Depletes the minerals in your body


These are the same simple advises that we need to provide you with a fine sugar detoxication diet that will help you to manage and eventually defeat your addiction moreover it will help you lose weight.




  • Breakfast – a piece of cheesy spinach with 2 baked eggs
  • Morning snack – almonds tamari
  • Lunch – moderate carbs cheesy sweet peppers and some fresh salad
  • After lunch snack – half cup of low fat and piece of ricotta cheese, few drops of vanilla and a quarter  tablespoon of vanilla powder
  • Dinner – tomato cucumber feta salad, spinach, and baked chicken


  • Breakfast – sun-dried feta frittata tomato
  • Morning snack – almonds tamari
  • Lunch – spinach and piece of chicken with some peppers
  • Evening snack – raw veggies and some spinach
  • Dinner – a turkey, mushrooms with some lettuce, peppers, and sautéed spinach


  • Breakfast – have some protein smoothie of peanut butter
  • Morning snack – two-three boiled egg whites,
  • Lunch – some lettuce cups with turkey, cucumber, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and a fresh salad with vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil
  • After lunch snack – frittata with feta cheese
  • Dinner – grilled chicken and a bowl of light vegetable soup, add some fresh herbs


  • Breakfast – a Santa Fe Frittata’s
  • After breakfast snack – few cheese sticks
  • Lunch – cilantro salad with a grilled chicken
  • Evening snack – 4 tbsp peanut butter with celery
  • Dinner – some crockpot chicken along with a bean stew and little bites of cheese Zucchini


  • Breakfast – Santa Fe-Frittata
  • After breakfast snack – a couple of fresh veggies with spicy feta sauce
  • Lunch – soup, sweet peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and some green salad with regular (or extra virgin) olive oil
  • After lunch snack – green salad with cucumber feta cheese, and tomatoes
  • Dinner – cheesy breadsticks


  • Breakfast – a crust-free egg muffins
  • After breakfast snack – few raw veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean sauce
  • Lunch – a cheesy breadsticks
  • After lunch snack – some fresh veggies dipped in a spicy Mediterranean cheese
  • Dinner – couple drumsticks (chicken) with garlic & lemon and noodles


  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach
  • Morning Snack – one-half pot of cottage cheese
  • Lunch – a soup and a veggie soup
  • After lunch snack – a handful almonds
  • Dinner – Green bean salad and some drumsticks

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