Your Pinky Fingers Could Reveal Volumes About Your Personality

Your Pinky Fingers Could Reveal Volumes About Your Personality

Numerous tests are available to help us gain a deeper understanding of our personalities.

Horoscopes are more subjective than scientific studies, such as the well-known Myers-Briggs test.

Although opinions on these tests vary greatly, I think we can all agree that it's intriguing to see your personality from a different angle.

When I come across something novel and unique, like this birthstone personality test or a take on the horoscope theme, I'm always intrigued.

It's a well-known fact that you can always discover something new about yourself, even if the test's methodology is still a mystery.

The latest example comes from South Korea, where it’s making waves as the hottest viral trend on the internet.

The theme of this test has its roots in the ancient practice of palmistry, but is said to determine the basics of personality type from just one digit: your pinky finger.

The idea is that, though tiny, the shape and size of your pinky can speak volumes about your personality as a whole, especially when it comes to how you communicate and interact with the world around you.

What do your pinkies reveal about you? Let us know in the comments below!

Type #1: Short

If your little finger doesn’t reach the top joint of your ring finger, then you have a short pinky.

A short little finger can be indicative of a few things. You may be shy and reserved, especially around strangers.

You have lots of big dreams but can be timid about reaching out and going for them.

That said, you shouldn’t worry — you have a big heart and a kind soul and can achieve anything you want.


Type #2: Even

If your the top of your pinky finger is just about the same height as the top knuckle on your ring finger, you have an even pinky.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this implies that you have a balanced, mellow personality. It takes a lot to ruffle you, and you generally don’t stress out about much of anything.

That said, your unflappable demeanor may make you seem dispassionate and cold.

People need to get to know you well before you reveal your warmth and your fascinating inner life.


Type #3: Long

If your pinky finger reaches beyond the top joint of your ring finger, you have a long pinky.

A long pinky signifies that you are a passionate, driven person. While not necessarily attention-seeking, you do find yourself at the center of most situations.

Charming and gregarious, it’s hard not to see others as planets in your orbit.

Someone with long pinkies usually has every advantage in terms of personality, but has to work harder to prove that they are trustworthy and can be taken seriously.


Type #4: Low-Set

Turn your hand palm up and look at your four fingers. For most people, the bases of the fingers form a gentle semicircle.

If your pinky seems to be set well below the other fingers, then you have a low-set pinky.

In palmistry, the pinky is connected to dreams and ambitions for the future.

The low setting of your little finger indicates that you live in a dreamworld with lots of plans and aspirations, but can sometimes have trouble translating those ideas to the real world.


Type #5: Matching

It’s unusual, but sometimes people have a little finger that’s the same length as the ring finger, or, even more rarely, longer.

Having an extra-long pinky finger indicates a lot about this person’s temperament.

Forget ambitious, people with a matching pinky are downright power-hungry.

They dream of becoming CEOs, presidents, or famous celebrities, and have the potential to create massive changes in the world.

They have the potential to wreak a lot of havoc, but they also have the rare opportunity to change the whole world for the better, through sheer force of will.


Type #6: Square

Now, look at your hand palm-down, and focus on the top joint of the little finger.

If the tip almost seems to form a flat, horizontal line, you have a square-tipped pinky.

People with square-tipped fingers share a handful of admirable qualities. They are extremely blunt and plainspoken, which is both their strength and their weakness.

They won’t be able to connect with sensitive and easily offended souls, but their honesty and forthrightness will win them a lot of trust.

These individuals make good, if reluctant, leaders.


Type #7: Pointed

If the tip of your little finger appears to slant on either side toward a higher juncture at the center, you have a pointed pinky.

People with pointed pinkies are often excellent public speakers and writers. Their eloquence is legendary, as is their diplomacy.

They can address any topic with delicacy and tact, which makes them excellent partners for those with square-tipped pinkies.


Type #8: Curved

When you look at your pinky in line with the rest of your fingers, does it appear to curve toward or away from your other digits?

If so, you may have a curved or crooked finger.

Curved pinky fingers are sometimes associated with fear of confrontation, but in most cases, it’s less about fear, and more about a desire to make peace.

If you have a curved or crooked finger, you’re a dealmaker, a peace-broker, and a bridge between disconnected people.

If this test was accurate for you, let us know in the comments.

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