What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

What the Way You Walk Reveals About Your Personality

A particular study carried out in 2017, by Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert, shared and compared the walking speed and styles with the “The Big 5” personality traits. The traits included were openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion, and conscientiousness.

There have also been other categories studied that include personality types like the Supporter, the Driver, and the Corrector to name a few. These categories distinguish how your walking style reveals your personality.

We will share some information about various walking styles and their parallel personality traits.

1. The Executive

f you’re an executive, you normally walk very quickly with fast and focused strides. You walk with confidence with your head up and tend to be absorbed in your thoughts. Executives often don’t mind those around them and may easily bump into others.
You’re goal-oriented and are great problem solvers, however, you can also come off as unfriendly and intense.


2. The Corrector

If you’re a corrector, you usually walk by taking small steps while hunched over. You also avoid making eye contact with those around you. This is because correctors are normally quite introverted and shy. They tend to be on guard before they make any strong or genuine connections.

3. The Politician

If you're a politician, you often walk with liveliness with your head held high, chest forward, and shoulders back. You desire acknowledgment and appreciation. You also enjoy challenges and learning about new experiences but can get bored easily.
You're a confident speaker and enjoy engaging with people.

4. The Worrier

If you're a worrier, you tend to walk very slowly and cautiously. You typically make short strides but may drag your feet. Worriers generally keep their eyes on the ground and seem unsettled. Worriers tend to be introverted and thoughtful, but they can also seem vulnerable and fearful.


5. The Chiller

Chillers are the easy-going type of walkers. They usually walk at a slow to medium pace with their body loose and their posture relaxed. Their gestures tend to be small and sometimes they can get caught up in an internal dialogue. If you're a chiller, you tend to focus on others more than your own tasks and might seem lost while walking. You're very calm and intuitive but can also appear to be a slacker and easily influenced.


6. The Showboat

If you're a showboat, you tend to walk very confidently and with intent. You sway your arms and hips in an exaggerated way and enjoy attracting attention from everyone. If you find yourself in this group, your head is usually held high, your shoulders are back, and you're more focused on yourself. Showboats can come off as self-absorbed and unreliable with commanding and charismatic personality traits.


7. The Supporter

If you're a supporter, you tend to walk in medium-paced, confident strides. Supporters are also cooperative team players and good listeners who speak thoughtfully and value unity and relationships. They're helpful, loyal, and dependable.
A simple phone call from their loved ones can easily brighten their day. Similar to Politicians, they like gestures, making eye contact, and interacting with people while walking.


8. The Short Strider

If you're a short strider, you usually take short strides and are more likely to be a self-centered and undemanding individual. However, for women, short strides might be due to aches in the calves and hamstrings or it could even be a sign of an emerging hip problem.


9. The Arm Crosser

If you're an arm crosser, it usually indicates that you prefer to be alone or even live alone. Walking while crossing your arms also signifies vulnerability. Communication experts highlight that crossing your arms while walking is dangerous, especially at night, since it could send a signal that you're weak and can be easy prey for attackers. In these instances, walking fast, upright, confidently, and with your arms uncrossed is a better idea.


10. The Stomper

If you find your walking style to be more of a stomp, you just might be a stomper. Stompers' walking style can signal anger, frustration, and persistence. But sometimes, walking with a stomp could mean your body is trying to send a signal to your brain. This can be due to the limbs' positioning and is usually a result of the loss of sensation in the limbs.


11. The Multitasker

If you tend to be able to multitask and walk simultaneously, you're a multitasking type of walker. It's also quite unique and creative since this kind of person is imaginative as they walk. They can handle a number of things all at once, often answering a call, directing someone, and even crossing the road all at the same time. If you belong to this group of people, you're brave and a problem solver. You're always keen on helping your friends in need.

What does your walking style say about you? We'd be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina for BrightSide.me

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