What Your Christmas Tree Reveals About You

Research has shown that getting your Christmas tree decorated early increases your happiness. However, the most important question at hand is how to decorate it, as picking out decorations can drive us insane. Colorful balls, toys in a multitude of shapes, and light meters And you may be taken aback if you find this to be simply stunning. All of it reveals a great deal about your character.

We have already decorated our Christmas trees and found out many new things about ourselves. And we invite you to join us in this fascinating test. Are you calm and modest? Or maybe you are the most sociable person ever? Let’s find out!


All you need to do is to look at the picture above and choose your Christmas tree. Then go to your number to get the description.


1. “Single-themed” tree

If you recognize your Christmas tree in this picture, it can mean that you’re a fairly conservative person. You’re confident in yourself and know exactly what you need. It’s not easy for you to leave your comfort zone and try unusual or new things.

You’re a reliable person who is ready to support others. You like the rules and always try to follow them. You like everything in your life to be clear, you like to plan things down to the minute, and it can make you crazy when something goes wrong.


2. “Unique” tree

You prefer your Christmas tree to be any other color than green, and this may mean that you like to stand out from the crowd and go your own way. You don’t mind being loud and you often break the rules. You’re a daring person who has always aimed for the highest goals. Self-expression and personal space mean a lot to you.

You seek recognition and are ready to show your strength. You’re always open to anything new and are ready to experiment. Difficulties almost never frighten you and you are able to cope with them, thanks to your perseverance.


3. “All toys that I have” tree

Decorating your Christmas tree like this may indicate that you’re an inconsistent person. You change your plans often, since it can be difficult for you to make a choice and stop at just one thing. At the same time, you easily find compromises and try to make everyone happy.

You often think about how proper your actions are and make long-term decisions based on them. You feel you need to weigh everything and find out for yourself what the pros and cons are in every situation. In your environment, there are people from different worlds and you have a knack for establishing a connection with each of them.


4. “As much light as possible” tree

Your love of lights can indicate that you are a bright, independent person. You enjoy your individuality and strive to be in the spotlight. The opinions of others mean nothing to you. But your personal experience is your main advisor and your only source of knowledge.

You try to diversify your life and often accept invitations to parties and meetings. You aren’t a homebody, instead you’re a sociable person who likes to spend time in the, often noisy, company of others. You make new friends easily, as it’s very easy for you to connect with others.


5. “I’ll mix it all” tree

If your Christmas tree looks like this, it may mean that you’re a dreamer who acts unpredictably. You’re open to all the opportunities that life provides you. But because of the many activities that you do and the ideas that you have, you sometimes don’t finish one thing before you take on another one.

You’re able to flex to changing conditions and you will always find a way out of any situation. You have a way of connecting with people that helps you gain their trust and support. They know that they can turn to you with any questions and you won’t leave them in a difficult situation.


6. “Size doesn’t matter” tree

If you’ve chosen a Christmas tree like this one, it can mean that you don’t really like surprises and changes in your usual way of life. You’re modest and calm, without trying to attract extra attention to yourself, because you do not need this.

You value what you have and don’t strive to impress people at any cost. You think that a person should be themselves, without any false embellishment. And you try to follow this rule yourself. You stand firm and you know what you want.

Do you prefer a real or a fake Christmas tree? How do you decorate it? We are interested to hear about your choice and see your photos in the comments.


Source: brightside.me

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