4 Harmful Habits That We Mistakenly Considered Harmless For Our Body

4 Harmful Habits That We Mistakenly Considered Harmless For Our Body

What many people don’t realize is the fact that our lifestyle habits could be the main cause of our poor health. While common issues of sleeping late, eating junk food, excess sugary food and processed meat is well known as the things that impact our health in a bad way, there are several other habits which we don’t usually consider harmful at all. Yet it is these habits that can cause problems for us like ill health or infections. These could seem harmless habits, but they could have not so harmless results. 

Here are 4 of them.

1. Stifling a sneeze is extremely bad for you

If you stifle a sneeze, it is going to cause problems for your blood vessels, brain and respiratory system. Your esophagus could also get damaged. When we sneeze, it is the body’s way of ridding our respiratory system of bacteria, dust, foreign bodies and viruses.

What happens if you stifle a sneeze?

Stifling a sneeze prevents the body from eliminating bacteria. To give you an idea of the scenario within your body, imagine shooting a gun but blocking the barrel, what would happen. The same thing could happen to your nasal passage where the power of the sneeze returns into the nasal passages and spread to through the Eustachian tube to even hurting your hearing. It will increase blood pressure and you stand a huge risk of damaging the entire esophagus. 


2. Using toothpicks

While this has somehow become the norm worldwide and a practice of picking ones teeth after eating, it is absolutely bad for you. While toothpicks cannot damage your enamel, they are bad for the gums and can result in infection and bleeding. Instead of using a toothpick use dental floss instead. 


3. Sleeping on the pillow face down

This is another bad habit that many people do. It impedes your breathing, hampers blood circulation and is bad for the spinal cord and facial skin. Sleeping with face down makes it difficult to breathe and you may be taking in less oxygen which affects your circulatory system. The neck is also placed in an awkward position risking damage to the vertebrae. Doctors also say that sleeping in such a position can also cause wrinkles that will be permanent. 


4.Trying to shell seeds with your teeth

This is a very bad habit that can damage your teeth. Sunflower seeds may be tasty and beneficial for you but shell them with your hands and not with teeth. Moreover, those who suffer from gall bladder problems should avoid this completely. You should also know that the calorie value of 100 grams is 500kcal.

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