A Cotton Swab Soaked In Alcohol and Placed In Your Navel Provides Relief from Menstrual Cramps, Pain, Coughs and Colds


A Cotton Swab Soaked In Alcohol and Placed In Your Navel Provides Relief from Menstrual Cramps, Pain, Coughs and Colds

Abdominal pain is something we all struggle with sometimes or frequently in our lives. Women especially experience it far more intensely than men simply because they have to go through with it every month. While some are fortunate enough not to have painful menstruation, for others it can be quite painful. Besides this, abdominal pain can be because of many other causes too like stomach infection, gastritis and IBS. This is one remedy that sounds weird and bizarre for its simplicity but it has the power to provide relief from pain including coughs and colds.


1. A natural remedy for pain, cough and cold

The remedy is putting an alcohol-soaked cotton swab in your belly button. Now not many would want to do so as you must have heard of this for the first time. So read on and see why this actually works in pain relief, cough and cold. 


2. Good for menstruation cramps

During a woman’s period, there are many problems such as cramps, stomach pain and so on. While medication can be used for pain relief, they also have side effects and cannot be taken all the time. Hence natural remedies along with your medication can do much to manage pain and ailments.


3. The cotton swab in your belly button can provide relief from cold and flu

It may sound unlikely but just take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol and put it in your belly button. It can also ease tension and the misery of being afflicted with cold and flu. Stick the cotton swab into your belly button and hold it in place with a tape or band-aid. Then just forget about it and go about your day.


4. It is good for motion sickness

Did you know that if you suffer from motion sickness, dipping the cotton swab in a bit of brandy or alcohol and putting it in your navel can give you relief from nausea and prevent puking? This is good when you don’t like those long road trips or even long flights that may make you sick. The remedy will relax your stomach.


5. Good for coughs and colds

During the time when a cough and cold are in the air, you walk into your office and find several people afflicted with flu-like sometimes, coughs or cold. It’s only a matter of time till you catch something which god forbids you shouldn’t. When germs play around in the air, it’s easy to catch a cold. Once the germs spread, you cannot do much to stop that, but you can put an alcohol swab into your belly button for relief.

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