14 Tips To Look Look More Attractive & Sexier


14 Instant Ways You Can Look More Attractive & Sexier

Instant Ways on How to Look More Attractive ~ There are absolutely some times when we want to look more attractive. Whether for yourself that you wanna look amazing and attractive outside or you wanna look more attractive for your crush or your significant other.


Whatever your reason is, here we’re gonna help you to make you look more attractive instantly in very simple ways.  And there has nothing with the way you look but the way you carry yourself. SO, let’s check it out 


1. Nude Heels

So you’ve probably heard this before, that when you wear heels in general it does elevate you and it makes you walk with a better posture, which makes you a lot more attractive. 

But when you put on a pair of nude heels that takes it up a whole another level, that lengthens your legs and it pretty much just goes with any outfit because nude is very neutral and it really does look great with anything you have on your body.

And as we all know when you have a kind of longer legs it makes you a lot more sleek and slim and more attractive.


2. Filling in Eyebrow

Filling eyebrows in recent years has become more popular, but I see there are still many people not doing this and I think it makes a world of difference.

To make it look attractive, there has to be kind of like a balance and a fine line between the eyebrows. You don’t want them to be too crazy too bushy but you don’t want them to be tiny little lines.

If you have sparse eyebrows the Eyebrow Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills will be a perfect choice but when you have those full thick eyebrows Tinted Brow Gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills won’t make it look too much. 


3. Show off your Neckline (Decollete)

Butt and chest area as we all know is an attractive part of women. But show off your neckline area to the shoulder it is so flattering. It is so feminine. It does will make you much more attractive and pretty.

There is something really really attractive about this area of a woman’s body. To make it look more attractive you can emphasize it a little bit more with a highlighter product. Tapping a little bit of highlighter can make it look way more different and attractive. 


4. Hair Style

Styling your hair is another simple way that will elevate your look to be more attractive. A little bit of touch-up on your hair can bring a huge difference to your overall look.

You can choose whether you want to style it Up or Down it’s all up to you. Having your hair up and down both can be very very attractive. Not saying that one is better than another but when you have your hair down most people think it is more attractive. Just don’t leave it like in a big messy.

The trick for up hair:  I myself think it looks different when am wearing my hair in a ponytail. Tips to make your ponytail look attractive is to tie it tightly where you can wear it super high or just medium it’s not a matter. but what really matters is the nape of your neck and the hair there in that nape. Make sure the hair around the nape area isn’t too loose, you have to make that area a little bit tight and it makes your overall ponytail styles look so much better. And loosen a little bit the hair around your forehead to make it a little bit bounce.


5. Eyelash Eyeliner Trick

The trick is to actually make yourself look like you have longer fuller eyelashes. We all know that women love long eyelashes. And nowadays you can get some extension or use mascaras to make it look longer. 


6. Get Off Your Phone

People who always playing with their phone is really not attractive guys. And who else gonna interact with you if you focus only on your phone screen. Whenever you go out whether you’re at the airport, mall or restaurant, or anywhere try to put off the phone. Try to feel your surrounding and experience where you are. Just get off your phone and be present and your attraction level will go up.


7. Put on Lipstick

There is nothing wrong with natural lips, but as you may know, a little bit of color on your lip can make a huge difference. If you wanna look more attractive coloring your lips is essential. But if you are someone who likes to keep your lips natural try some lipsticks formulated with natural ingredients.


8. Wear a Scent

This is something that’s not something visual, but it has a thing to it. When you walk by and people smell you and leave some kind of impression and it makes you feel and look more attractive. I recommend finding a signature scent that you love and feel like it represents your personality.

There are so many scents out there, so definitely find something and stick to it. I personally love using perfume oils I find it is less aggravating because there is no alcohol in it. but i’s also stick around for much longer.


9. Maintain Your Nails

Ladies’ nails are really important. You don’t have to go to the nail salon to maintain. You can maintain a colored nail polish, choose a nude one or just a clear one.

Whatever your nail color is it does not really matter, whether you choose some french nail style or go with your nude nails as long as it’s clean and looks healthy it’s gonna elevate your beauty and look more attractive. 


10. Have a Good Posture

Posture is so important. A lot of us are slouching and our body language puts those attractive things away. Keep your back straight it makes you look elongated which attracts other people.


11. Practice Altruism

There’s nothing more attractive than someone that think or care about other. So being generous and doing nice things for others will make you feel better about yourself and will actually really level up your attractiveness.


12. Bending Your Head To The side

Bending is another way how you carry yourself to elevate your look to be more attractive. That’s a simple act that will boost your attractiveness.

Putting your hair on one side and bending your head will play a role to elevate your look. But of course only do it at the moment when you want to make someone or some moment look you to be more charismatic, powerful, and attractive. Because you don’t want to bend your head all the right? 


13. Smile

People who always smile will make them look more attractive. It’s like showing your sincere feeling towards other that will make other attracted to you. 


14. Show Confidence

Being confident is truly the most attractive thing for anybody. Straight your head, looking people in the eyes, and talking confidently will make your inside beauty come out and that’s what people attract to you. How people can attract you when your head is always going down and have no confidence. 

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