10 Tips To Smell Good All Day You can Easily Follow

10 Tips To Smell Good All Day You can Easily Follow

How To Smell Good All Day Long ~ Have you ever come across a person who always smells so amazingly nice that you often wondered what the secret was. So here we’re gonna talk about it.

And smelling gross or bad is one of the most embarrasing things and nobody want to go through that. So, these tips are gonna make sure that you’re gonna smell good all day long, especially if you have big event or nerve-wracking event where the body odor tends to come out. impeccably smelling people have mastered. So if you wanna know the secret of smelling good all day long keep scroll guys.


1. Moisturize Skin

Did you know that parfume last longer on oily skin? Im sure not a lot of you knew that. Now what actually happens is dry skin dissipates perfume which queires the long lasting perfume. Spray immadiately on moisturized skin helps for a longer lasting effect.

2. Know Where To Spray

You probably never gave much thought bout where part to spray your perfume , right? but you should. You must always spray your perfume on your pulse pionts wrist. so these are the areas where your skin is the thinnest and the warmest which captures the smell of perfume longer. Other area to spry that will make your perfume last longer are behind the ear, the neck, the elbows, and the back of your knees.


3. Never Rub Wrists

Rubbing your wrist together ater spraying the perfume will NOT help in a longer lasting scent. It will actualy beak up the perfume and fade the smell. Instead just pat it that will make it spread without really breaking the scent.


4. Spray On Hair Brush

Don’t spray directly onto your hair because the alcohol content that could break your hair instead. Instead spray on your hair brush and brush your hair with t. It won’t damage your hair but your hair will get the benefit from the fragrance.


5. Always Be Prepared

Cary your fresh mouth sugar anywhere you go to fight bad breath. As well as roller ball perfume for instant freshness. Invest in a dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling great even if you haven’t wash them.


6. Pay Attention To Washing Your Clothes

I’m sure you get your clothes wahed. But you have to keep a personal attention on the washing cycle of your clothes. If you do that your wardrobe and you will smell ultra fresh all day. And Place it at the right place.


7. Place Perfume At the right place

Sun or heat exposure directly on the perfume can actually spoil the ingredient and fregnance.Also  Avoid to store your perfume at the bathroom because the humidity also reducing the fragnance. Instead keep it on normal room temperature like bedroom, living room or closet.


8. Practice Layering Of Fragnances

There’s a reason why you get soaps, body washes, body cleanser and body mists in your favorite fragnances. Because if you layer the same fragnance it will make the scent get stronger and will longer last.

9. Know When to Spray

Spray perfume right after the shower when your skin is still damper and 30 minute before you step out of the house and make sure to apply heavy moisturizer before you apply your perfume. This tip will make your scent last longer.

10. Watch Your Food

Some foods can make you smells more especially spicy food, onions, garlic even tings such as red meat and alcohol. The odors from the food come out of your pores and it also makes your breath a little bit more stinky.

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