6 Types Of Body Fat And How To Get Rid Of It?

6 Types Of Body Fat And How To Get Rid Of It?

Who would love to have an obese body? Neither me nor you.

The reasons for the accumulation of fat in any of the body parts is pretty simple, it’s because of Poor Diet plan and Insufficient Exercise for your body. These two essential factors will not only keep you in shape but also promote a healthy body. If you neglect any of the two principles, your body may be susceptible to various health and skin issues. So, to be pertinent, your health is in your hands.

However, there are numerous ways to get rid of body fat but some of the measures may help one person and doesn’t help other body types. It happens because each of us has different body types and we need to be well-versed about how our body gains weight and the different types of body fats.

Now, let’s move on to, what are the different types of body fats and the remedies to get rid of the body fat.


1. Upper Body Fat

The upper body fat usually occurs because of overeating and if you’re lethargic. Just imagine what happens, if you eat the whole day by slouching on your couch? Certainly, your belly pops out like you’re carrying twins. And what happens next? We feel stigmatic to socialize and move on in the public. Isn’t it?

However, you will also gain upper body fat when you sit constantly for a long time at your office desks or somewhere in the lounge and binge-watching movies or eating. It’s the sad truth, what can we do?

Here is the solution!

Like I said, your body essentially needs a proper diet plan and exercise. You must maintain a calorie count whenever you have a bite of any food. Similarly, you should exercise to burn the calories you ate. If you have a balance between food and exercise then none of the health issues will have an effect on your body. You will also end up having a toned body like what you desired.

Predominantly, don’t consume foods which are high in calories like processed, packed, sugary and salty foods.


2. Lower Belly Fat

Surprisingly, Lower belly fat occurs because of anxiety, stress and depression. All these three body reactions will produce a stress-hormone known as ‘cortisol’. When your body excites cortisol, your lower abdomen will store excess fat. So, your small or major feelings will show up a great effect on your body. Furthermore, irregular sleep timings or sleeping patterns can cause a lot of negative impact on your body, especially on your lower abdomen.

Next time when you feel nervous, anxious, stressed or depressed just think about your poor belly. What did it do to you? Don’t harm it.

Here’s the wonderful tip!

Don’t stress yourself too much for any reason, it may be work stress, relationships stress, examinations stress or mathematics stress. Stay calm, cool and be successful. Remember successful people have only two things on their lips – Silence and Smile. Similarly, don’t feel too depressed or don’t show up over anxiety for little things coz, in the end, you should live a long life.

You can also munch on foods that decrease your cortisol levels and soothe your body. Practise some breathing exercises if possible!


3. Lower Body Fat (Thighs And Buttock)

Lower body fat is all about the calories you consume. How much calories you consume, that much you will gain fat at your thighs area. So, reducing calorie intake is the first step to follow since your body naturally utilizes excess fat as its next energy source. Your body either uses calories or energy for the body functions like respiration or blood circulation. When you consume more calories than you burn, your body stores the excess calories in fat cells. Thereby your thigh area expands more and more as you consume.

 This tip is important!

You should not only lower your calorie intake but also you should cut down on fatty foods, fried foods, excess gluten and refined carbohydrates such as french fries, vegetable oil, pizza, white rice, bread, pasta, sugar and many more. Rather munch on some significant portions of fresh, boiled or steamed delightful veggies.

The second tip which helps you to get rid of thigh fat or buttock fat is by performing simple exercises. Exercising your body is the most effective way to tone your leg muscles.


4. Belly Fat

The most top-rated reasons for protruding belly fat are insufficient sleep, lack of exercise, excess carbohydrate intake, consuming many calories, alcohol consumption, munching on processed and refined foods. Woah! the list is so much. What can we do rather than eliminating the bad stuff to get a flat belly like celebrities?

 What should you do?

Cut down the bad foods which are the sole reason for the protruding belly. Follow good principles like drinking more water, following a proper diet plan, working up a sweat, taking good proteins and loving the adrenaline rush. 


5. Lower Body Fat (Lower Leg Fat)

This type of body fat is usually diagnosed in the people who travel quite often on buses, trains or flights. When you sit constantly for a long time, the lower part of your body such as legs tends to swell. Also, during pregnancy, water retention in the legs is the most common issue.

Here is the solution!

Don’t consume the salty foods which are responsible for the water retention in your body. Drink more water and pee often so that the fluids will go away from your body. Most importantly, don’t sit constantly for more than 30 minutes at a place. Walk, walk and walk as much as you can. Use the staircase instead of elevators.


6. Stomach With Upper Back Fat

If you identify a weight gain in the stomach and upper back areas, then probably your body is inactive. Inactive body muscles can work no longer. Initially, you will get a protruding belly, then an upper back fat and gradually overall body fat.

What is the life-saving tip?

It may be a doctor, nutritionist, dietician or a blogger, whoever it is, they preach you not to follow a sedentary lifestyle. Have good amounts of sleep, eat well and exercise your body. No fat can approach your body.

I think by now you better know, What to do? and What not to do? What to eat and what not to eat to get rid of all the 6 types of body fats. All you need to do is to have sufficient exercise to your body and eat good foods to live a long healthy lifestyle. Hope this article is helpful to you.

Did you ever try any of these tips? Please comment down your experiences while losing weight?

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