Aluminum Foil Treatment for Back Pain & Joint Pain – Treatment of Russian & Chinese Healers

Aluminum Foil Treatment for Back Pain & Joint Pain – Treatment of Russian & Chinese Healers

Aluminum is one of the natural healer that can reduce pain from certain parts of the body. It is often used by Russian and Chinese people for various purpose. If you are suffering from heel, neck, shoulder, or back pain then you should try this method to get rid of it.

There are some active points in our body that reflect back to starting point of meridians. These points have connection with our organs, and you can use this method to solve some of your health problems related to organs.

You can get rid of your constant acing, scars, and grout.

All these are highly effected by this easy method.

This method is detailed explained in a book of Wilhelm Reich!



Take a piece of aluminum foil and apply on areas where you have severe pain. You need to roll it like a bandage and leave there for 10 to 12 hours. If you want to use it during sleep then wrap around points and go to sleep.

You must give break of 1 week in between and then start treatment again. A break is necessary so that your pain is reduce slowly and permanently.

This foil is good for cold and inflammation. You just need layers of foil and apply on an area for 1 hour. You can also put more than one layer having cotton cloth in between.

Leave it there for one hour and then take a break. This complete procedure must be repeated thrice per day for a week.

Many people have found this method helpful. There is scientific evidence that says aluminum can perform as a healer. Our body has cell structure that connects with earth. Because of earth’s field, our energy flow is effected so when you apply aluminum foil, you magnify the effects of earth’s field and restore connection between weak cells.

What aluminum does is stop light interference and radiation of light so that our body can restore energy to relive from pain.

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