Reverse Tooth Decay and Heal Cavities With These Powerful Home Remedies!

Reverse Tooth Decay and Heal Cavities With These Powerful Home Remedies!

Cavities and tooth decay are the most common oral problems in the world. They are often seen in older adults, teenagers and children. Cavities are small holes that appear in the teeth because of tooth decay. The tooth decay appears as a lack of dental hygiene and accumulation of plaque and bacteria. It can also happen as a lack of minerals in the diet. It was believed for a long time that only the dentists can treat cavities but there are also home natural remedies that can be beneficial in dental care.

Every parent needs to chick their children’s teeth more often, and to ensure regular dentist visits.

The teeth’s sticky deposits are of a darker color and there is an increased presence of plaque which is reason for bad breath.


Some factors can increase the risk of cavities like foods that stick to the teeth for a longer period, worn fillings, dry mouth, dental devices, not getting enough fluoride, poor oral hygiene and frequent sipping or snacking. Bulimia and anorexia can also cause serious dental problems.
Common cavities symptoms are white, brown or black stains on the tooth’s surface, visible pits or holes in the infected tooth, sharp or mild pain when drinking or eating, tooth sensitivity and toothache.


These are some home remedies for cavities and tooth decay:

Clove can treat any kind of dental issue, including cavities. It has antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and can alleviate the pain and prevent the spreading of the cavity. Take some clove oil on the forefinger and massage the teeth that are affected with cavities. This oil relieves some of the pain that is caused by the tooth decay or the cavities. To extract the oil, you can also chew (gently) on a whole clove.

Salt can be used in treating cavities because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It reduces the inflammation, prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, draw out infections and ease the pain.
-Take on tsp. of salt and dissolve it in one glass of warm water. Swish around in the mouth for one minute (concentrate on the tooth that is affected). Do the treatment three times daily until the symptoms subside.
-Mix half tsp. of salt and lemon juice or mustard oil to make a paste and massage the gums with it for few minutes. After that, gargle with warm water. Do this treatment two times a day for few days in order to eliminate bacteria.

Oil pulling

This is an old practice that reduces cavities, bad breath and bleeding gums. It also cleans the mouth of the bacteria responsible for many dental problems.
Put one tbs. of sesame oil in your mouth and swish it around for twenty minutes. Just spit it, do not swallow or gargle with it. After that, you should rinse the mouth with warm water and brush the teeth us you usually do. Do this treatment in the morning, on an empty stomach.
You can also use coconut or sunflower oil.

Garlic is an amazing herb and spice that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help in relieving pain as it works as pain killer.

The American Chemical Society Journal of Natural product’s study claims that this root can help to keep the teeth healthy as it contains antibacterial compounds (licorisoflavan A and licoricidin) that prevent the cavity-causing bacteria growth. It also reduces plaque.
Brush the teeth with dried licorice root powder on a regular basis or use soft licorice stick as a toothbrush, to brush the teeth on a daily base.

Tea-tree oil
This oil is used to treat pain and it also keeps the tooth decay away.  Massage the gums and teeth with this oil and rinse with warm water. Repeat it two times a day so you can keep the teeth decay-free, gums strong and mouth healthy.

This may look like outdated way to keep the teeth clean but it is really efficient. When you chew the neem branch, it makes the gums and teeth stronger and its compounds and oils are effective against tooth decay-causing bacteria. They contain fiber that makes them effective in keeping the plaque away.

Its antibacterial properties keep the bacteria growth in check. It helps in alleviating the pain from the tooth decay.

These suggestions and remedies can naturally prevent cavities. Try them and enjoy your smile!

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