This Diet Promotes Weight Loss, Improves Mental Health And Kills Cancer!

This Diet Promotes Weight Loss, Improves Mental Health And Kills Cancer!

The top eleven prescription drug manufacturers in America rake in $85 billion per year. This is because of the healthcare industry’s knack for holding people on medications. But the medical industry has good people who work to put people’s lives ahead of profits. People like these made amazing discoveries and one of them is the power of healing of a ketogenic diet.

The goal of this diet is to help to enter ketosis in the body. It is developed by Dr. R. Wilder in 1924 at the Mayo Clinic.


These are few of its benefits:

-*Weight loss* says that this diet turns the body into a machine that burns fat. It forces the metabolism to work on fat. This diet helps the fat-burning potential to rise drastically and it also works to encourage the weight loss process by reducing the insulin and blood sugar levels. The insulin is the hormone that tells the body to hang on to fat.

-*It manages the symptom of type-2 diabetes*
Those ones who suffer from type-2 diabetes have reduced the insulin sensitivity and the hormones high levels. High levels of insulin can lead to many health issues like high blood pressure, increased gout risk, high blood sugar levels, carbohydrate cravings, obesity and fatty liver.

This diet reduces the carbs that are turned into sugar.

*Cancer treatment*
This diet works to reduce the cancer risk and it is able to treat existing cancer.
The cells of cancer live on glucose and the ketogenic diet lowers the amount of body’s cancer cells. ‘The Truth About Cancer’ claims that this starves the cancer cells. Dr. T. Seyfried, cancer researcher, says that this diet can be more effective in cancer treating than the chemotherapy.

*It improves the mental health*
According to a study, this diet reduced the symptoms of mice’s schizophrenia-like disease. Few psychiatrists say that this diet works for people who suffer from bipolar disorder and depression.
The researchers, in 1999, observed autistic kids that showed excellent improvement after starting ketogenic diets. These kids improved in hyperactivity, interaction, speech and cooperation. Two of eighteen participants were able to leave special school and begin with mainstream education.

Psychology Today claims that the mental benefits of this diet are because of the ability to maintain the brain’s GABA levels.

How you can start ketogenic diet?
This diet requires a bit of planning but it doesn’t matter, because it is worth it.
You shouldn’t eat more than 50gr of carbohydrates in a day and there are individuals that choose to go to 30gr. You shouldn’t eat more than 120gr of protein per day. Consume 120gr of whole food fats and 90gr of added fat. And if you are focused on weight loss, you should cut the added fat to 30gr.

However, you should consult a dietitian for information about your goals and body.

These are the foods that should be eaten when you are on ketogenic diet:

  • -There are many options for getting the fat like coconut oil, olive oil, chicken fat, butter and avocado.
  • -Options for proteins are fish, beef, lamb, shellfish and whole eggs.
  • -Options for low-carbohydrates are macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, apples, oranges, pears and cheese.

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