Lemon Rind That Treats Joints: Recipe After Which You Should Wake Up Without Joint Pain

Lemon Rind That Treats Joints: Recipe After Which You Should Wake Up Without Joint Pain

Lemon is undoubtedly one of the most useful ingredients in our kitchen. It comes with a horde of health benefits that provide us with protection against innumerable diseases. Lemon is one of those natural foods that has been used since ancient times by several cultures for it is rich with nutrients. It contains pectin, bioflavonoids, folic acid, vitamin A, B1, B6, C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. Without any exaggeration, we surely can say that lemon is the perfect super-food.

It not only tastes refreshing, it also aids in the process of digestion and cures skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and acne. It helps in improving your digestive system, rejuvenates your skin, and helps in alleviate fever and improves your immunity system. It improves the state of your liver, stomach, intestine, immunity system, and your cardiovascular and nervous system. Having it daily can effectively prevent advent of diseases like bronchitis, flu, laryngitis, arthritis, bacterial infection, kidney and gallbladder stones, high blood pressure, etc. In fact, a latest research shows that consumption of lemon can prevent cancer too. However, did you know that it can also be helpful in getting rid of joint pains? This is because it can be used as a coating towards treating joints. It acts as a poultice on the affected area to help you in getting rid of the pain.


In this article, we will tell you about a couple of recipes that you can prepare to effectively cure the joint pains on your feet and hands and a lot other things.

Let’s start with first the remedy that will help in treating your joint pains. Remember, this is a very effective remedy that can rid you of your pains if done properly. Just be patient and follow all the steps properly to make the most of this unique method.



Ingredients that you would need

• Rind from 2 lemons
• Olive oil



• Take the lemon bark and place it in a jar
• Pour olive oil till the brim of the jar
• Cover the jar with its lid properly and then let it stand that way for 14 days
• After 14 days, your medication would be ready
• Take the oil from the jar and put some of it on clean gauze
• Post this, place the gauze on the affected area that’s hurting
• Now put a plastic bag over the gauze and a woolen shawl or scarf on that same plastic bag
• Make sure you do this at night just before you are going off to sleep
• We are suggesting this because the oil needs to be kept as a coating on the affected joint area overnight
• The next morning when you wake up, you will feel no pains on your joints



This homemade concoction is a great remedy for treating pains associated with arthritis. It is very simple to prepare and shows amazing results if added to your daily diet.

Ingredients needed

• Epsom salt
• Freshly prepared lemon juice
• Warm water



• Take equal amounts of Epsom salt and freshly prepared lemon juice
• Add them in half a cup of warm water
• Stir them properly to create an even mixture
• Consume one teaspoon of this solution twice a day; first time in the morning and second time at night



This mixture helps in balancing and regulating the pH levels in the body. Wondering how this can help in treating joint troubles as complicated as arthritis? Having a well-balanced pH level is extremely important mainly because many inflammatory diseases like that of arthritis are primarily caused due to the high levels of acid formation in the body. This concoction will keep the acidity level in check and get rid of your arthritis pains.

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