6 Parts Of The Body That Store Stress and Can Tell a Lot About Your Emotions

Did you know that chronic pain can be caused by emotional issues and stress? Recent studies have shown that anxiety and stress can cause muscle pain, headaches, cramps and fatigue. The reality is that sometimes physical pain can be an indication that the person has a lot of emotions to solve.

6 Parts Of The Body That Store Stress and Can Tell a Lot About Your Emotions

Here are 6 specific body parts that can be hurting due to stress:

1. Neck

People with neck pain are full with anger. It’s very hard for them to forgive and let go. Just remember that not everyone wants to hurt you, even when you feel that way.

2. Upper back
People that experience pain in their upper back are full with fears. They often feel unappreciated, like they’re not getting enough support from their friends and family. Try to be more open and friendly with people around you and don’t hold back affection.

3. Lower back

The pain in the lower back can be caused by fear of loss and obsession with money. Money doesn’t buy happiness, so don’t stress yourself over it, or you might lose your health. Just do what you love and the profit will come.

4. Hands
Pain in the hands might indicate that you’re an introvert. You lack companions and you feel discomfort. Just come out of your shell! Solitude can only do damage to your health so try harder to make friends.

5. Knees
Inflated ego can cause pain in the knees. Remember to look around sometimes, because the world doesn’t turn around you. Pay more attention to your family and friends. Start giving more and we guarantee you’ll feel more fulfilled.

6. Feet
Pain in the feet might mean that you’re afraid of failures. Start paying more attention to life and start seeing the beauty in the small things. Smile more and try new things in life.

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