8 Hand Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain

8 Hand Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain

The pain caused by arthritis gets even worse with the increased use of the hand. For instance, you will experience a sharp pain in the hand if you are typing on the keyboard or work in the kitchen.

Moreover, patients often lose the power in the arm, and it weakens, do even the easiest everyday tasks cannot be performed properly.

Also, this disease affects the hand joints, so it leads to pain and numbness. Therefore, you need to incorporate hand exercises in your treatment, in order to relieve the pain, increase the flexibility and extend the range of motion.

Before you start performing these exercises, you should soak them in some warm water or dip them in some warm paraffin wax. Also, you can even do the exercises while you are in a heated pool or with your hands submerged.

In this way, you will exercise your muscles and joints of the hand as the water’s buoyancy will support the joints and reduce the stress, and at the same time, it will add resistance in order to strengthen the muscles.

Thumb Bend

With the hand straight, bend the thumb in the direction of the palm and stretch as much as you can. You should attempt to touch the pinky finger with the thumb, but if you cannot, just stretch it well. Hold thus for several seconds and then return the thumb to the initial position. Repeat 10 times with both hands.


Make A Fist

This exercise is really easy, and you should perform it when your joints are stiff. Initially, keep the right hand straight, make a fist and place the thumb out. You should relax the hand, and slowly open it until the fingers are straight again. Repeat 10 times, and then do the same with the left hand.


Finger Lift

Your left hand should be flat on the table, with the palm down. Raise each finger off the table, hold it thus for a few seconds, and return it to the initial position. Repeat with the fingers of both hands.


Make an O

Perform this exercise when you feel pain or stiffness in the hand. Straighten the left hand, and try to make an “o” by pushing the fingers inward. Hold the position for several seconds, and then release. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times with both hands.


Finger Bands

Keep the left hand straight and then bend the thumb in the direction of your palm. Hold for several seconds, and return the thumb in the initial position. Then, bend the index finger in the direction of the palm, and hold for several seconds before you straighten it. Repeat this with all your fingers, with both hands.


Wrist Stretch

You can relieve the pain and stiffness with the help of the wrists. You should start with the arm out and the palm turned downwards. Then, use the other hand to press it gently in order to feel the stretching and hold in this position for several seconds. Repeat it 10 times with both hands.


Table Bend

Put your left pinky close to the table, point the thumb up, and bend the rest of the fingers in order to form an L. Hold for several seconds, and straighten them. Repeat it 10 times with both hands.


Fan and Fist

Start with the hand in a neutral position, with straightened fingers. Then, slowly spread the fingers in order to form a fan. Then, make a fist and remain thus for 5 seconds. Repeat this twice a day with both hands.

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