7 Reasons Why You Should Pee In Your Shower Every Day

7 Reasons Why You Should Pee In Your Shower Every Day

Are you ready to dive into a topic that many consider taboo? Let's be honest – there are certain habits we all engage in, but hesitate to openly discuss. From quirky nose-picking habits to unapologetic flatulence, human behavior can be quite fascinating. And while men often embrace these idiosyncrasies, women, too, occasionally find themselves caught in the act. It's time to shed light on a hushed practice – the act of peeing in the shower.


Defying Conventions: Letting Go with Confidence

Society has long dictated what is considered "ladylike" behavior, but isn't it time we questioned these notions? The discussion begins with the audacious act of peeing in the shower. This practice, while unconventional, offers a sense of liberation that defies societal norms. Embracing our humanity and the undeniable satisfaction it brings is essential.


Benefit #1: Embrace Sustainability and Save on Water Bills

Did you know that conventional toilets consume a staggering 1.5 to 3 gallons of water per flush? Older models can use up to 7 gallons per flush. When you consider this water usage alongside the substantial volume required for a shower, it becomes evident that saving water is imperative. Instead of triggering a flush for every urination, simply allow nature to take its course in the shower. The water used for bathing will effortlessly rinse away the waste, contributing to water conservation and reducing your utility bills.

Benefit #2: Elevate Personal Hygiene

Ever experienced the discomfort of realizing you still have remnants of toilet paper clinging to you? This unfortunate situation can be easily avoided. Opting to pee in the shower grants a unique opportunity to bypass the traditional use of toilet paper, leading to a cleaner and more comfortable experience. While men often forego this step naturally, women too can enjoy the convenience of an unburdened hygiene routine.

Benefit #3: Maintain Bathroom Cleanliness

It's a simple equation: the more a toilet is used, the dirtier it becomes. Backsplash and inaccurate aiming contribute to the gradual degradation of your toilet's cleanliness. However, by choosing to pee in the shower, you minimize the accumulation of unsightly residue. Any splashing is inconsequential, as it is swiftly washed away by the flowing water, eliminating the need for regular scrubbing.


Benefit #4: Harness the Power of Urine

An unconventional fact emerges: urine possesses antifungal properties. Uric acid and ammonia, naturally occurring compounds in urine, can combat fungal infections. This remarkable attribute has rendered urine a potential remedy for ailments such as athlete's foot. Accidentally coming into contact with urine, therefore, isn't as alarming as it may seem – it's akin to a spa treatment for your feet.


Benefit #5: Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

For women, childbirth can lead to mild incontinence, a situation that can be frustrating. Engaging in kegel exercises to address this issue can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, there's an alternative route to consider: peeing in the shower. By assuming a squatting position and momentarily interrupting the flow, you engage your pelvic floor muscles, aiding in their toning and strengthening.


Benefit #6: Foster Eco-Friendly Practices

The environmental implications of water usage cannot be ignored. Traditional toilets consume excessive amounts of water, rendering them a major environmental concern. This is where the concept of "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down" gains relevance. Peering into the shower's environmental advantages, this phrase takes on new meaning. Peeing while showering contributes to water conservation, aligning with eco-conscious practices.


Benefit #7: Join the Majority

If you're hesitant to embrace the notion of peeing in the shower, rest assured – you're not alone. In a Glamour poll encompassing 1000 women, a staggering 75 to 80 percent admitted to this practice. Notably, even celebrities like Kelly Clarkson have openly acknowledged their participation. This revelation dispels any notions of taboo, reinforcing the idea that this practice is perfectly acceptable.

Embrace the Debate: Is Peeing in the Shower Socially Acceptable?

As the discourse surrounding this unconventional practice continues, it's important to recognize that societal norms often limit our behavior. The act of peeing in the shower challenges these boundaries, offering practical benefits and a sense of liberation. By assessing the advantages, such as water conservation, enhanced hygiene, and a more sustainable approach, you can make an informed decision about whether to embrace or dismiss this practice. The verdict is yours to decide – is peeing in the shower gross or simply a practical choice?

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