Get Rid Of White Hair In 5 Minutes

Get Rid Of White Hair In 5 Minutes

This powerful mix popular in the oriental world is an effective natural remedy against hair loss and hair graying phenomenon. It is known as the Exotic Elixir due to its precious basic ingredient – curry leaves.

It is believed that in only 5 minutes, the necessary time for its preparation, you can get rid of gray hair and can regain your brunette color back. At the same time, this exotic remedy improves the health of the scalp, stimulating hair growth. The mixture also acts on the roots hair, stimulating cell regeneration and reducing / stopping hair loss.

If You just want to return to the hair color you had the before, use only two basic ingredients: coconut oil and curry leaves. If you want a total regeneration of your hair and to Stop its fall, add crushed garlic and onion, shallots (French onions) when you prepare the miraculous oil. All you need is 1 onion, 5 shallots, 300 ml of coconut oil, 10 fresh curry stems and leaves.

Put curry leaves, onion, garlic and shallots in a blender or simply chop the ingredients knife. Add coconut oil. Boil the oil on the steam bath for 5 minutes until the ingredients become more rigid and darken. Stir occasionally. After the mixture has cooled, strain it and put it in a bottle. Apply the mask on your hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes then remove with water. Wash your hair with shampoo as you would normally.

This exotic elixir will restore the original color of the hair (except blond). Its special ingredients will help your hair grow longer, healthier, thicker, and faster. Unlike other natural oils, coconut oil act faster and more deeply on the hair.

Coconut oil prevents bleaching and hair discoloration. It enhances color, making it more vibrant and brighter. In addition, vitamins and essential fatty acids that we can meet in coconut oil nourish the scalp removing sebum deposits on hair follicles.

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