Consume A Mixture Of Chia With Lemon And You Will Get A Flat Abdomen In 1 Week

Consume A Mixture Of Chia With Lemon And You Will Get A Flat Abdomen In 1 Week

Entering a weight loss program seems to be the millennium trend. Some want to follow Bollywood celebrities to get to the zero range. Some want to lose weight in order to be healthy, to get in tune with their peers. Eating this apple, guava or this sharp raw tamarind is not just to satisfy our tastes with nectariness. Eating organic products seems like an hour. We are very careful with our choice of food now, whether we buy food or order in a restaurant.

In addition, fast weight loss recipes, diets, regimes, and more. Of course, keto diet makes waves in the fitness industry. But we all know (we, the Indians, that we are specific) that it is very difficult for us not to stop at the Gulf Point while we get back from work. What do we do then? We scan the internet and any other fitness magazine looking for healthier and easier ways to catch the train for weight loss. This time we did it for you. We have come across an excellent natural weight loss remedy, especially to smooth out the stubborn belly that most of us have in just one week (whistles). Do not worry that you do not need to starve to get out of your scarred belly, you just have to eat right.

The joyful flat abdominal therapy we are talking about is a mixture of lemon and chia seeds. Yes, you heard this right, people. Consuming this mixture will help you smooth out this stomach within just one week while supplying the most important nutrients your body requires from you. Let's find out this a little better now

What you need:

  • Chima seed
  • One spoon of organic honey
  • One cup of water and a half


How to consume it:

You will have to water the chia seeds in water for at least an hour. Drying them in a dry state can lead to a serious risk of choking. During this process the seeds inflate due to their fiber structure.

Once the chia seeds are watered for an hour, drain the water. Now, in a blender, add chi, honey and water seeds and make a beating while the mixture is of good consistency. Also, make sure there is no lumps


Pour a cup and consume

Consume this drink at least three times a week for two months. Do not forget to drink on an empty stomach in the morning

You can also have it every day, it's all for you

Also we offer to eat healthy, to avoid the whole deep fried and processed food,

Why lemon and chia seeds?

We're sure you'd like to know why these two of the ingredients there. That is why we will introduce you to the characteristics of these two ingredients. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds also increase the rate of metabolism. They are also known to provide you with energy and keep you more active.

Chia seeds also increase the production of leptin, a starvation-inhibiting hormone produced by fatty tissues (containing fat cells). Consuming chia prevents overeating and also suppresses your appetite.



You do not have to drink lemon juice all day long and feel sour in your throat. Simply plugging it into your daily diet is enough to translate from flab to Fab. In addition, drinking lemon juice keeps your body hydrated and also increases the metabolism of your body.

Both ingredients keep our blood sugar levels normal, they clean our stomachs, prevent arterial blockages and nourish our breathing system. We are sure we have already given enough facts. So, what are you waiting for? Start with this weight loss mixture. Oh, wait, forget to highlight how these two ingredients are easily accessible to you and do not burn a hole in your wallets.

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