8 Things Every Woman Should do After s.e.x

8 Things Every Woman Should do After s.e.x

If you’re one of those people more prone to vaginal and urinary tract infections, keep these simple things in mind to keep your vagina and libido equally happy after s.e.x.

Many women do not know that there are certain rules that must be followed after sex. Therefore, after completing the passionate art of love, your vagina will want to breathe and cleanse the body.

What to do immediately after s.e.x?

You had good s.e.x. But now it’s all over. What next? Can not lie on the same sheet without drying? Maybe: none! So what to do after s.e.x? Se.xy role-playing clothes, chemistry, and sex toys make for hot s.e.x.

Is it because the beautiful game of passion is over? That’s how…

1. Urinate first if prone to urinary tract infections:

You’ve probably heard it many times: go to the bathroom immediately after sex. But is it possible to not know why? Because it’s quite normal for bacteria to be transferred when the penis enters the vagina.

Because the urethra is close to the vagina, it is prone to infection. Urine helps remove any bacteria from the vagina. Or, if you refuse to go to the bathroom, it can cause a urinary tract infection.

So once you’ve done your deed, excuse yourself and go to the toilet and bathroom! Even Trinkle will do the job. 


2. Drink water

Sex is definitely a good calorie-burning exercise. Similarly, you hydrate immediately after the gym; Drinking H2O after sex is also important.

Water is an essential component of maintaining body hydration; Adequate water content will flush out the urine and kill any bacteria or infection that may be blocking the urinary tract.

So now you know that the first thing to do right after sex is to drink a lot of water. So your body is changing in phase 2 (come on girl) 


3. Eat small amounts of probiotics

A woman knows why probiotics are healthy, good for the skin and good for the vagina. Taking probiotics is a great way to increase the number of healthy bacteria in your vagina. So after sex, you can eat a whole plate of cranberries and yogurt.

4. To bathe in the bath

Relax after sex. Feel like a queen with an amazing bathing experience.

Tip: Add extra virgin coconut oil to a warm bath to moisturize the skin outside of your vagina. And after the procedure, the swelling and irritation of the vagina will be removed. In addition, it helps reduce the risk of infection.

Remember not to take a hot bath. This is because vaginal swelling after intercourse means that your vagina is vulnerable to infection. 


5. Become a commando

Don’t forget to wash your face immediately after sex. Then cotton should be your favorite fabric. avoid lace or satin panties; These tissues prevent the genitals from breathing, which can lead to urinary tract infections.

The main thing is to wear clothes made of fabrics that allow air to pass easily (freely flowing). Otherwise, you will be trapped by bacteria. 


6. Put some ice there

Maybe you’ve had hot, intense sex, or it’s been a while, and you’re experiencing itching and irritation in your vagina. Use a cold compress to avoid this feeling in the vagina. Love your penis more – wrap an ice pack in a hand towel and massage your vagina until the irritation (itching, etc.) goes away!

7. Clean up your sex toys

It’s a good idea to clean your sex toys immediately after sex; Then, if you forget them and use them again, you may get infected with the bacteria covered in the toy.

8. Finally, hug

Hugging after sex is a great way to express love and feelings. It actually plays an important role in sex. A loose, gentle hug is a post-sex reward that brings people closer and makes your partner happy.

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