8 Effective Core Exercises For Women Over 40 Years Old

8 Effective Core Exercises For Women Over 40 Years Old

When women are reaching the age of 40 many of them starting to lose the motivation for exercise or in the worst case they are motivated but do not have enough time to perform workouts.

Most of them think that the exercises are good only for their body shape, excluding the fact that the same lead to healthier body and happier person. If you are classifying yourself among those women that relates the exercises with fit body shape only, then you need to change up your mind immediately and start making some workout plan. The extra weight that is on your body is a cause of heart diseases, increased level of cholesterol, hypertension, and risk of stroke and heart attack. If you want to prevent all these symptoms, then read the following article and start practising the exercises that are suggested to you.


1. Push Ups

Place your body on your both hands and feet, with the face towards the ground and your hands underneath your shoulders.

Raise your body by using the balls of your feet and the heels of your hands as a base.

Then put your feet back so that you will reach a plank position with your body. Lower your body down by bending your elbows.

Afterwards try to return your body to the starting position.


2. Dumbbell Step Ups

You will need a dumbbell and a bench for this exercise.

Start the exercise by taking the dumbbell and hold the same under your chin and then step with your right foot on the bench that is placed in front of you.

Once you will stand on the bench, rise you knee up to the waist. At the end of the exercise move your leg from the bench.


3. Clams

Lie down on the ground with the right side of your body.

As you are bending your stacked knees put your right hand behind your head. Lift your knee and try your feet not to separate.

Stay in this position for a few seconds and then move your leg towards the ground.

Once you will finish with the right side of your body, switch the sides and make the same movements for the left side of the body.

Repeat the exercise for 10 times for each side.


4. Burpees

Stand on both of your feet on the ground, so that the distance between your feet be same as the shoulder width.

Then lower your body as you are going to make squats, so that you will place your hands on the floor in front of you.

Put your feet back and lower our chest as you will do push ups.

Then you can bring your chest back up. Make your feet in a position as the starting one and jump into the air.

While you are jumping your hands need to come over your head.


5. Bird Dogs

Place your body on all your fours.

Then stretch your right arm and left leg so that the same will make a straight line.

Afterwards try to bend them so that your left knee be touched by your right elbow.

You can go back to the starting position.

When you will be done with the one leg, you need to switch the legs and do the same movements with the other leg too.

You need to make 10 repetitions for each leg.


6. Crunches

Lie down your body, with the back on the floor.

You need to bend your knees and flat your knees on the floor so the same will be on a distance as the hip width.

Once you will reach this position, place your hands behind your head and carefully pull your abdominals towards the inside.

Lift off the ground your head, neck, and shoulder, so that your body curls up.

Try to stay into this position for several seconds and then slowly go back to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.


7. Corkscrew

Starting position – Lying on your back, raise your legs straight up, without bending the knees.

Bring your legs forward to just over your head, keeping your arms at your side.

Pause between each movement for a more intense workout.


8.  Body weight Single-Leg Stretch

Lying face up on the floor with arms by sides, raise extended arms and legs at a 45-degree angle and curl shoulders and head off the floor to start.

Bring right knee toward chest, keeping upper body lifted throughout, then reach a left hand inside of the right knee and right hand outside of the right ankle. Switch sides and repeat. That completes 1 rep.

Repeat this exercise for 15 times.

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