4 Benefits of Rice Water for Shiny Hair and How to Use It

4 Benefits of Rice Water for Shiny Hair and How to Use It

Hair care is a very important thing, because hair is one of the members of the body that is very representative of our appearance. You can do hair care at the salon, but you can also use natural ingredients for self-care at home. One of the things that made people curious lately is the benefits of rice water for hair.

Rice water has basically become one of the popular natural ingredients for treating the body, but it seems that not many people have acknowledged the benefits of rice water for hair.

The Secret of Rice Water for Hair

The benefits of rice water for hair have been popular recently, but it turns out that this method has been around since ancient times. As quoted from Ejinsight, in China, precisely in Huangluo village, there is a Yao tribe whose women have very long hair. The average hair of women in Yao reaches 1.5 meters.

The women of the Yao tribe not only have long hair but also have a deep black color. Of course it is not easy to maintain the health of hair that has grown throughout it. It turns out that shampooing with rice water is a hereditary secret behind long, shiny black hair.


Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

The content of various vitamins and minerals in rice water has many benefits for hair. Here are 5 benefits of rice water for hair that you need to know.


1. Fertilize hair

The benefits of rice washing water for the first hair is able to nourish hair. In rice washing water there is Inositol or vitamin B8 which can maximize hair growth. Generally, hair will be more difficult to grow longer if it is in a long state But with rice washing water you can make your hair growth run optimally.


2. Protect hair from damage

The second benefit of rice water for hair is that it can strengthen hair and prevent hair from damage. The content of Inositol in rice washing water helps to make a protective layer of hair. This layer even survives after the hair is rinsed with clean water. The result is that the hair becomes stronger and avoids damage such as dry, broken, and branched hair.

The content of amino acids and other vitamins in the hair also functions to relax the head so that blood awareness becomes more smooth. Circulation of the blood that gets smoother on the head will affect the hair and can strengthen the hair roots.


3. Make hair shiny and soft

The next benefit of hair washing water is being able to make shiny hair and hair. As mentioned earlier that Yao tribal women not only have long hair but also shiny black hair. This proves that rice water is indeed able to nourish the hair so that the hair becomes healthy.

Healthy hair has healthy cuticles. While a healthy hair wart will make your hair feel soft and will also more easily reflect light so that the hair looks more shiny.


4. Eliminate dandruff

The fifth benefit of rice washing water is that it can overcome the problem of dandruff in the hair. Dandruff is very disturbing appearance and makes it uncomfortable because it causes intense itching in the hair. Rice water can balance the pH of the scalp and also control oil production in the scalp so that you can be free from the problem of dandruff.


How to Get the Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

You can get the benefits of rice water for hair by routine maintenance. How to get the benefits of rice water for hair is very practical and economical because all you need is water and rice. Here's how to get the benefits of rice washing water for hair!

  • Clean rice from various impurities that are not needed.
  • Mix rice and water in a face with a mixture of 1: 1.
  • Soak the rice until the water changes color.
  • Put the rice water into a plastic container, then cover it. Leave the rice water 12-24 hours at room temperature so that the rice water ferments. But you forget about the water and let it sit for more than 24 hours, so it is better for the new rice water because the water condition is not good.
  • Use the rice water to rinse your hair. If water is still left, store it in the refrigerator for later use.

That's how to get the benefits of rice washing water for your hair. Good luck!

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  1. Discovering the benefits of rice water for hair care is intriguing, especially considering its ancient roots in the Yao tribe's tradition. Their long, shiny black hair is a testament to the nourishing power of rice water. Incorporating a biotin and collagen supplement alongside rice water could provide additional support for those looking to enhance their hair care routine further. Biotin strengthens hair and promotes growth, while collagen improves hair elasticity and overall health. Together, they complement the natural benefits of rice water, offering a comprehensive approach to achieving stronger, shinier hair. It's a compelling combination supporting traditional wisdom and modern hair care practices.