Purple Means Cancer Prevention When It Comes To Potatoes

Purple Means Cancer Prevention When It Comes To Potatoes

Department of Agriculture in USA conducted a study in which it tested baked purple potatoes and its effect on colon cancer. This study showed that the compounds in the baked purple potatoes might destroy the cells of cancer very efficiently.

Scientists from Pennsylvania State University got inspiration for this experiment when noticed that many people frequently consume baked potatoes. They chose this specific kind of potato and based its experiment on it.

In the first stage of the experiment they discovered that purple potatoes contain resistant starch which is favorite food to friendly gut bacteria. This starch-eating bacteria converts the starch into beneficial short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid, says Jairam KP Vanamala of Penn State.

The butyric acid is very important since it regulates the immune function of the gut and thus stops inflammation and may kill cancer cells.

According to scientists a medium-sized potato could help suppress cancer growth.

In the second phase of the study they gave with baked potatoes on mice with colon cancer and noticed that the extracts from baked potato killed the colon cancer cells.

In the third phase they took the study on a much higher level and applied it to humans. For humans suffering from colon cancer it is recommended to eat one medium sized potato for lunch and one more dinner or only one large size potato per day.

Researchers believe that actually the color is what kills the cancer cells and they see a bright future for this study.

It is like a rainbow, they say. When you eat from it you get thousands of healthy compounds which are great for you and suppress various forms of cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and this is why we should fight it with various medicines.

The next step is take the results from this research out to the public and continue the experiment in real life conditions. Nobody can be harmed from experiment only it will be beneficial because food is always a better idea then chemotherapy or expensive medicine which damage the whole organism.

Primary and secondary cancer preventions with purple potatoes are planned. The primary one is general prevention and the secondary refers to patients who already have colon cancer.

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