This Syrup Will Stop a Cough Dead in its Tracks: Ginger Thyme Cough Syrup

This Syrup Will Stop a Cough Dead in its Tracks: Ginger Thyme Cough Syrup

Thyme is one of the most powerful herbal cold remedies, as it acts as a strong disinfectant that prevents common colds, and relieves a sore throat and oral infections.

You can use it both externally and internally, as a natural way to treat chest issues, fungal infections, and coughs. Therefore, before you reach for over-the-counter medications, try thyme as one of the most effective natural cough cures.

According to Reader’s Digest:

“Thyme is an officially approved German cough treatment—and a remedy for upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and whooping cough—for good reason: Those tiny leaves are packed with cough-suppressant compounds. Thyme flavonoids relax tracheal and ileal muscles, which are involved in coughing, and also reduce inflammation and headaches. “


Here is how to prepare a natural ginger-thyme cough syrup:


  • 2 handfuls fresh thyme
  • 1 knuckle of ginger minced
  • 3/4 cup raw local Honey
  • 1 1/2 cups of Water



In a pot, mix ginger and thyme, add water, and boil. Leave the mixture to simmer for 10 minutes, and gradually add the honey.

Leave the syrup aside for 30-60 minutes, and strain. Then, heat the syrup again, bring it to a boil, remove the syrup from heat, leave it to cool, and bottle it.  Store the syrup in the fridge.   

Both children and adults should take 3-5 teaspoons of the syrup daily.

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