This Lemon Foot Soak Can Help Detoxify Your Whole Body

This Lemon Foot Soak Can Help Detoxify Your Whole Body

Our fast-paced, hectic lifestyles in the modern world are seriously harming our health. Particularly impacted are our feet, which endure a great deal of strain throughout the day and are made worse by wearing high heels when walking. Walking in painful high heels causes millions of women worldwide to feel depressed and exhausted, yet very few of them give their feet much thought.

Not paying attention to our feet can lead to problems such as fungal infections, varicose veins and cracked heels, which will definitely make your feet look. Although many women think these problems are untreatable, they are – there are many natural remedies that can help.

A nice and relaxing foot soak is one of the best things you can do for your feet after a hard day at work. Foot soaks can relax your legs and eliminate the odor, while also destroying the bacteria and fungi which might cause problems. Adding sea salt to the bath is even more beneficial – the salt will tone your feet and raise your iodine levels as well.


  • Lavender essential oil
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Epsom salt
  • A bowl of hot water



Simply add all the ingredients in a bowl of hot water and mix everything well, then soak your feet in it for 15 minutes and rinse with water in the end. We also recommend scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone afterwards to remove all the dead skin cells from the surface.


The soak offers numerous benefits:

Reduces your stress levels

Epsom salt baths are probably the best way of relieving stress. This type of salt is rich in magnesium, a mineral that can reduce stress and plays a part in numerous important body functions.


Relaxes your mind

Reflexology is an ancient alternative medicine approach which relies on treating certain health problems by stimulating reflex points on the feet. The pressure points are found on different spots on the feet which have a large amount of nerves, and foot baths will work directly on them.


A universal detox method

Foot baths can extract all the toxins out of your body and improve your overall health. A toxin-free system will work far better, and will be far more resistive to any kind of ailment.


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