Stop Pouring Leftover Pickle Juice Down The Drain. Here Are 13 Unexpected Ways To Use It At Home


Stop Pouring Leftover Pickle Juice Down The Drain. Here Are 13 Unexpected Ways To Use It At Home

If you are a fan of pickles, you should also be a fan of pickle juice, too. While pickles are a great food to have at home, pickle juice has far more purposes you didn’t know about. Below, we will list the many unusual, yet practical uses of pickle juice.

So, instead of throwing the liquid away, why not re-purpose pickle juice and make the most of it?


13 Unusual Uses of Pickle Juice You Should Know About

1. Fill the Jar Up All Over Again!

If you are craving pickled vegetables, like cucumbers, put the slices in leftover pickle juice and let the jar sit in the fridge for a few days.

2. Prevent Stomach Cramping

Vinegar is known as a great treatment against an upset stomach, which is why pickle juice can help. As per the Washington Post, probiotics derived during fermentation can boost digestion successfully.

3. Cure a Hangover

Along with water, when hangover, drink pickle juice as well, as it can replace the lost electrolyte content in the body. Even if you don’t have a hangover but lack electrolytes, know that pickle juice can make up for lost potassium and sodium levels.

4.Treat a Heartburn

As per many people, even one spoon of pickle juice can ease heart burns successfully. Next time you experience a heartburn, don’t hesitate to give pickle juice the chance to fix the issue for you.

5. Help with Sunburns

Pickle juice provides a cooling sensation on the skin, and because of this, it treats sunburns with ease.

6. Recipes and Drinks

Pickle juice can enrich your kitchen menu and be a great addition to certain recipes. Many cooks use pickle juice in their bread dough, but it is also good for marinating meat, making vodka zestier and giving fries a whole new flavor.

7. Defroster

As odd as it may sound, pickle juice will help you defrost ice outside your front door. As it is high in salt, pickle juice has been used to melt ice patches in many municipalities, according to CNN.

8. Manage Bad Breath

Pickle juice can eliminate bacteria residing in the oral cavity and responsible for people having a bad breath.

9. Eradicate Garden Weeds

Yes, pickle juice even finds its use in gardening. To be exact, the acidity in pickle juice helps eliminate weeds, but it also helps some plants grow. Such are usually flowers like azaleas and rhododendrons, both of which need a more acidic soil to grow.

10. Muscle Cramps Relief

If you are suffering a muscle cramp, have a glass of water and then some pickle juice. Pickle juice is rich in salt, which absorbs in the body quickly, thus efficiently eliminating cramps.

11. Heal Throat Soreness

Take 1-2 spoons of pickle juice per day to relieve throat pain and soreness. You can also use pickle juice as a gargle a few times a day, and get the same results.

12. Polish Copper Pipes and Kitchenware

Copper and vinegar work well together, with vinegar restoring the copper’s former shine. If you happen to have copper pipes around the house, of a bunch of rusty pans in your kitchen. Use pickle juice to clean them immaculately.

13. Treat Hiccups

Instead of drinking water and waiting for your hiccups to go away, why not treat them by having a small sup of pickle juice? Yes, it is that effective!

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