Here’s How Sleeping In A Certain Positions Treats Common Health Problems

Here’s How Sleeping In A Certain Positions Treats Common Health Problems

What most people are unfamiliar with is that we’re spending 1/3 of our life, sleeping. Which means that we spend the same amount of time just lying in our bed, therefore we should pay attention to our sleeping posture as well as our pillow and mattress.

Sleeping on our stomach, back or side can be connected to things such as hypertension, sinuses, back pain, troubles sleeping, and snoring.

Actually, every sleeping position might cause a certain health problem, as well as ease or prevent another one!

Here are a few common health problems that can be relieved by sleeping in a certain position.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Each Health Issue

Back Pain

Dozing on an excessively delicate sleeping pad isn’t recommendable for individuals with back torment. That is on the grounds that you need to keep up the normal spine bends – something for which you’ll require a firmer bedding.

The best position for back agony is dozing on your back with a cushion under the knees. This position will alleviate the strain in your ligaments and keep up the ordinary bends of the spine. You can likewise bolster your lower back with a little moved towel.

In any case, if stomach position is your lone alternative, ensure you place a pad under the lower some portion of your mid-region.

For the individuals who rest on their side, it’s recommendable to rest in a fetal situation with their legs pulled up somewhat toward their middle, while keeping up the characteristic bends of the spine.

Likewise, it’s ideal to put a little cushion between the knees to lessen the worry in the lower back territory.

Shoulder Pain

Abstain from dozing on your stomach to avoid misalignment of your shoulders, which can additionally compound your torment. Likewise, don’t rest on your side, particularly on the affected one.

Rather, rest on your back with a meager cushion underneath your head, and another on your stomach. Embrace the one on your stomach to enable your shoulder to remain in a steady position.

Another alternative is to rest as an afterthought that is not excruciating. Lay down with your legs somewhat pulled up towards your middle and a cushion between the knees.

Additionally, be mindful so as not to hold your hand under your head while dozing.

Neck Pain

In the event that you are experiencing neck torment, it’s ideal to help it while dozing. The best choice is resting on the back. In any case, you should put an orthopedic or move cushion under your head and one under each arm.

For the individuals who rest on their side, picking the correct pad is critical. It ought to be thick up to 6 inches, and as high as their shoulder’s width. This will keep up an ordinary neck position.

Picking the correct cushion is similarly significant for the individuals who incline toward resting on their stomach. They should rest on the most slender cushion conceivable. Be that as it may, this position is the most noticeably awful dozing situation for those with neck torment, so ensure you stay away from it.

Troubles Staying Asleep

Investing energy in your devices can cause challenges falling and staying unconscious. Along these lines, take a stab at dodging them in any event not many hours before hitting the hay. Likewise, abstain from savoring liquor the night as the liquor influences the rest cycle just as the water balance in your body.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the temperature in the room. Make sure it is somewhere around 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Troubles Falling Asleep

Abstain from utilizing your telephones, PCs, and tablets before hitting the sack, as the light from the screens upsets the ordinary rest wake cycle. Additionally, abstain from drinking energized refreshments in any event six hours before sleep time. These incorporate caffeinated drinks, espresso, dark tea, and pop. You ought to likewise keep away from chocolate.

Morning and afternoon exercising can tone your body, improve your blood circulation, and can help you fall asleep faster.

Leg Cramps

Muscle squeezes that influence your thighs, calves and feet can be another reason for low-quality rest. They are typically connected to some condition like nerve harm.

It’s ideal to counsel your primary care physician, yet meanwhile, extend and broaden your lower leg muscles before sleep time. You can likewise knead your legs or attempt some yoga presents directly before heading to sleep.


Try not to rest on your back on the off chance that you are wheezing, as your tongue falls in reverse in the throat in this position, narrowing the aviation route. You should rest on your side with your head upheld on a firm cushion to keep your head from tilting in reverse and causing wheezing.

Troubles Waking Up

Many individuals have this issue, without realizing they can tackle it effectively. You should set the caution for a similar time each day, including the end of the week. Likewise, attempt to head to sleep early.


On the off chance that you have hypertension, rest on your stomach with your face down. In any case, remember to counsel a specialist for legitimate hypertension treatment.


Ensure you rest on a firmer cushion to keep the bodily fluid from pooling into your sinuses.

Leg Pain & Heartburn

In the event that you frequently have indigestion, rest on your left side to keep your stomach corrosive from returning up into the nourishment pipe. In the event that your legs hurt during the night, keep your legs lifted on a move cushion.

This will empower the gathered venous blood to run descending, in this way diminishing the torment. Something else you can do to counteract leg torment around evening time is kneading them directly before heading to sleep. Additionally, abstain from drinking jazzed refreshments in any event six hours before hitting the sack.

PMS Pain

To decrease the distress while resting during this time of the month, put a pad under your knees. This will assist keep with keeping up the ordinary curving of the spine, which, thusly, facilitates the PMS indications.

Digestive Issues

Our stomach is located on the left side of our body, therefore you need to make sure that you sleep on that side in order to avoid digestive issues. The gravity aids digestion.

Try sleeping in the position that you need to sleep in order to treat a problem that you’re having.

We hope that these few tips will be helpful for you, to relieve from symptoms and pain which are connected to some of the most common health problems.

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