A Month After Eating Two Bananas A Day: The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!

A Month After Eating Two Bananas A Day: The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!

Many people around the world eat more junk food rather than healthy, real food such as vegetables and fruits. Well, this is mostly cause of the fast and unhealthy modern lifestyle.

The medical experts and nutritionist claim that people from the West prefer fast food more than natural and healthy ingredients. And we all know that raw fruits and vegetables contain all the ingredients which contribute to our body’s proper functioning. Let me ask you a question – do you like bananas? We all love them, right? They taste great and they are loaded with healthy nutrients.

A recent study found that one banana can give you enough energy for a 90-minute exercise. That’s really amazing.And the medical experts claim that if we consume two bananas every day for one month, our health is going to improve significantly. These are the most important reasons why you should consume bananas every day:


Banana – Health Benefits:

  1. First, you should know that bananas have a low amount of sodium, but they contain high amount of potassium. Well, this makes bananas a great food for heart health regulation and blood pressure. The medical experts have found that eating a banana everyday reduces the risk from a heart attack for 40%
  2. The medical experts say that bananas are extremely useful and beneficial for people who experience problems with the digestive tract, for example, constipation. Well, this is probably because bananas have an abundance of fiber.
  3. You should also know that bananas are very helpful in solving heartburn as they contain antacid. This is a good reason why you should consume bananas every day.
  4. Bananas are also extremely useful and beneficial if you are iron-deficient. It’s mostly because they contain compounds and ingredients which trigger the red blood cells and hemoglobin production.
  5. You can use bananas as anatural remedy and cure for sore throat and coughing.
  6. Bananas contain high amounts of tryptophan, which is a crucial substance for our bodies. So, when the body gets this compound, it transforms it into serotonin-the hormone of happiness. Therefore, when you feel depressive, bananas can help you. This is also a very good reason to consume bananas every day.
  7. A recent study has found that students who consume bananas for breakfast, snack, or after lunch are more concentrated. This is due to potassium, a substance in bananas which triggers brain function, and eases memory and learning process.
  8. You should also know that bananas are a great food for pregnant women since they ease the morning sickness since increase the blood sugar levels.

These are 8 good and healthy reasons why you should consume these tropical fruits every day. And, don’t worry – bananas won’t make you fat. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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