6 Exercises to Erase Foot and Ankle Pain (Gentle, Soothing)

6 Exercises to Erase Foot and Ankle Pain (Gentle, Soothing)

If you’re suffering from achy feet all the time, then try this soothing DIY ankle stretch and massage.

Nobody gets a foot massage every day or every minute when you need one. Treating your feet with regular foot massages can be very time consuming and expensive.

However, the good news is that you can do this ankle and foot routine which feels very nice, all by yourself – therefore you can do it as much as you like, and whenever you need to.

The benefits of a foot massage go beyond just feeling good. A lot of people believe that our feet are just like maps, that are showing our health, and by adding pressure to certain points on the feet, we can energize and relax the rest of the body.

And since pressure on the feet can affect your ankles, you can use a simple stretch in order to relieve from the pain. Since our ankles enable the movement up-and-down, without the ankle’s proper mobility, moves such as running, squats or lunges, and many other activities will become much harder to perform.

Practicing the ankle mobility stretches, will keep your ankle joint functioning well, and it will improve your form with each movement or exercise you do.

Here are six very simple massages and stretches, which will loosen the stiffness, relieve the pain and revive your tired feet!

6 Exercises to Erase Foot and Ankle Pain

You will need:

  • A tennis ball
  • A yoga ball

Keep these tools on your desk at home, all the time. A the end of the day, make sure you do this routine and stretch in order to give your feet a bit of TLC.

Perform each of these stretches for about half a minute on each side. You can repeat all 6 of them a second time in order to get maximum benefits.


Ankle Flexion Stretch on Block

  1. Put the block on the ground.
  2. Put the ball of your foot and the toes on the block, with the heel on the floor.
  3. Lean a little bit forward in order to add pressure to the ball of your foot, in order to stretch the ankle and the bottom of the foot.

Tip: For a lighter stretch, put the foot next to the block. In order to increase the stretch, step into a forward lunge in front of the block, or put both of your feet on the block and just take a forward lean position (this is helpful for the hamstrings and calves too).


Toe Flexion Stretch on Block

  1. Stand right in front of the block.
  2. Put the toes on top of the block.
  3. Lean your foot forward, in order to stretch the bottom of the foot.


Ankle Extension Stretch on Block

  1. Stand 4 feet away from the block.
  2. Put the top of your foot down on the block, so that the top of the toes are supported.
  3. Bend the knee in order to add pressure on the foot to feel the stretch in front of the ankle.


Plantar Fascia Roll-Out with Ball

  1. Put the ball on the block.
  2. Press down in the block as you roll down and up to massage your arch of your foot.
  3. Press harder on the sore/tender spots and then hold 3 deep breaths.

Tip: For a bit deeper and more intense massage, try using a golf ball.


Toe & Ankle Extension on Block

  1. Press the top of your toes down on the block.
  2. Lean back in order to form a straight line with the front of the ankle.

Tip: This stretch can be too intense for some. Therefore take things slowly. And if this isn’t providing a good feeling, do the Ankle Extension instead of this stretch.


Achilles Roll-Out with Ball

  1. Put the ball on the block. Sit down on the ground and put the back of your ankle on top of the ball.
  2. Roll up and down, in order to massage the Achilles muscle.
  3. Press down a bit harder on some sore/tender spots, and then hold 3 deep breaths.

Tip: To make the stretch more intense, you can stack the other ankle on top of this one, and press down a little bit.

Now that you’ve learned the best do-it-yourself massages and stretches, you can give yourself a foot rub anytime you need to, and you can make it a part of your every day routine.

Next time you feel bad or tired keep this in mind, and share it with your loved ones and your friends!

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