No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things

No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things

If you can get passed the tears and the smell, onions can help you with a variety of things! You probably knew onions were good for you, but did you know they can soothe a sting? It can! Onions turn out to have some odd, yet helpful, benefits!

Yes, it is true. Onions can help soothe the hurt from a bee sting! The onion has properties in it to numb the sting while also reducing swelling.

Simply apply a freshly cut onion to the affected area to reduce pain! A study on this was done by Dr. Eric Block of the state university of New York at Albany.

Studies have been done all over the globe to prove that onions can lower bad cholesterol.

Really, anything from the Allium family can. Although all onions are productive in this case, red onions seem to be the best choice for solving your cholesterol issues. You can also try shallots, chives, and garlic for this issue. All have been proven to show positive results. Onions specifically were studied at the Hong Kong University in China.

Onions have also been shown to give your immune system quite the boost! They contain high levels of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals in any produce help give the immune system a boost.

These components can also help improve the effects of vitamin C on your body! Vitamin C alone has been shown to be an immune system booster! Eat an onion a day and keep the doctor away! Who knew?

If you suffer from diabetes and are looking for natural cures, look no further than the onion. Chromium is an active ingredient in onions and it this element is helpful to those afflicted by diabetes.

Chromium helps regulate your blood sugar, making for fewer insulin shots! Onions can minimize or help you avoid problems that can arise from diabetes.

A single piece of onion can replace your common prescription anti-inflammatory. One piece of onion is packed full of vitamins and minerals that make the body resist infection!

Low infection equals low inflammation! People who suffer from allergies will benefit from eating onion because of reduces inflammation of the nasal passages.

Our trusty pal, the onion, can also help soothe an aggravated or a sore throat. You can soothe a sore throat with an onion by making an onion tea.

On the stove, boil water with onion peels in it. Use about 1 cup of water for every half of an onion peel. Sip this tea, and your sore throat should disappear.

Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but onions can be used to get out a stubborn splinter. How? Tape the onion to the top of the splinter using tape or an adhesive bandage.

Hold the onion on top of the splinter for about forty-five minutes to one hour before removing. The onion should bring the splinter to the surface making it easy to simply pull out!

If you recently painted a bedroom in your home, then you might be suffering from headaches from that malevolent paint smell! If you want to get rid of the smell of paint, crush one onion and mix it with water. Leave the solution in the freshly painted room to get rid of that unsettling and unhealthy odor.

When it comes to the benefits of onions, the list is almost endless. If you find yourself dealing with some sort of unfixable issue, onions might be your answer.

If you can get past the tear-jerking smell, you can pretty much use them to do anything. Always remember that onions are a great way to combat common health issues, without ingesting laboratory conceived medications…

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