Natural Remedies For Diverticulosis That Are Worth Sharing!

Natural Remedies For Diverticulosis That Are Worth Sharing!

The dangerous condition of diverticulosis affects the colon. The largest portion of the large intestine, the colon, is in charge of removing waste from the body. Diverticulitis and diverticulosis, which affect the diverticula, which are tiny pouches inside the large intestine, are the usual causes of it.

When the diverticular is inflamed, diverticulitis develops. Unbelievably, the issue is more frequent than most people realize and can cause fever, diarrhea, constipation, pain on both sides of the abdomen, blood in the stool, or fever.

Conversely, diverticulosis is the presence of multiple non-inflammatory diverticula in the colon. The sigmoid colon, which has a higher pressure, is where the condition typically occurs and does not cause any symptoms. The following are diverticulosis's primary causes:


  • One of the main risk factors for the condition is chronic constipation due to the pressure in the intestinal walls which can lead to inflammation in the diverticula;
  • A poor diet rich in fats and frequent consumption of refined flour, foods low in fiber and processed foods may also cause diverticulosis;
  • Lack of proper bowel movements is one of the most common causes of the conditions;
  • The intestinal muscles are always under a heavy load, which weakens them and may cause diverticulosis;
  • The increasingly sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and frequent consumption of fried foods may be responsible for the condition as well;
  • Some negative emotions, stress and anxiety may also be the main cause for diverticulosis.

In order to treat the condition, you need to change your diet first. Start eating foods rich in fiber which improves digestion, and eliminate processed and fried food from your diet as well. Avoid consuming sugar often, as well as animal fat, white bread, red meat and full-fat dairy products. Physical activity is important as well, so make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.


Natural remedies for diverticulitis

In order to reduce the inflammation in the diverticula, you need to drink plenty of filtered water every day as it can clean your intestines. A strict diet can help as well, as can foods rich in fiber and water.

Experts recommend a healthy diet rich in chia seeds, flaxseeds and chlorophyll-rich foods which can improve your bowel movements. Fresh plum or prune juice in the evening has a laxative effect on your body and will purge your intestines and reduce the inflammation.

Drinking a few cups of chamomile tea every day can soothe the inflammation, as can Aloe Vera gel and goji berries consumed in the morning before breakfast. Papaya is another great anti-inflammatory agent that will relieve the inflammation in the diverticula – to do this, drink only water and eat only papayas for a couple of days.

A glass of how water in the morning and evening will help things in the colon move properly, while a tablespoon of olive oil taken in the morning can lubricate your colon and facilitate elimination of waste. Finally, you can also drink a cup of cumin and anise tea in order to regenerate your intestinal flora.

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