A Natural Analgesic That Works Like morphine Can be Found in Your Backyard

A Natural Analgesic That Works Like morphine Can be Found in Your Backyard

Historically, the only available treatment for illnesses or injuries was medicinal herbs. The advent of contemporary medicine caused humanity to lose sight of the power of nature. For instance, wild lettuce, or Lactisa virosa, is a plant that grows in North America and England and has been used for centuries as an effective natural pain reliever.


What is wild lettuce?

Wild lettuce is a biennial plant that can be found throughout England. It grows very tall (up to 7 feet), and has a pretty yellow flower and mature leaves. The plant has been used as a sedative and analgesic in the past, and possesses numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:


A natural sedative

Wild lettuce is often used to fight insomnia and to relax anxiety or spasms. The herb can calm down the nervous system and relax your muscles, while also fighting stress-induced indigestion, coughs and respiratory problems, restlessness and insomnia.


Treats cramps and spasms

Adding wild lettuce in your daily diet by eating it raw or drinking it as a tea can easily treat spasms or cramps.


Reduces pain

Wild lettuce has shown that it can reduce muscle aches, menstrual cramps and other types of pain. Thanks to these benefits, it is commonly known as the opium lettuce since it has a similar effect like opiates without the addiction.


How to consume wild lettuce

In order to benefit from the plant properly, it must be harvested in July or August when. Dried versions and supplements are also available, but we suggest consuming the plant in the form of tea from fresh leaves.


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