Here Are The Benefits Of Feet Massage Before Bedtime

 Here Are The Benefits Of Feet Massage Before Bedtime

One of the easiest ways to achieve health care and relaxation is through massage. The word massage comes from the Arabic word ‘’massa’’ which means touch.

The condition of your muscles, which move on your body, depends on the appearance and posture. Muscles have been affecting by the massage with collecting and stretching. With massage, the muscles become more relaxed and more solid. This is because the massage removes high accumulated lactic acids which result in muscle pain and cramps. What is more, if you massage your body, you will get improved and stimulated digestion and you will also treat some conditions in the body.

There is no bad message. Every massage gives to the body some benefits. However, the massage of the feet has been proven to have excellent benefits for the whole body. This type of massage relaxes, rejuvenates, lowers swelling, improves circulation, ameliorates sleep, improves the muscle function and reduces blood pressure.

Here is why you should massage your feet.

According to studies, a massage from 5 to 10 minutes for every foot before going to bed aids the sleep quality. What is more, massage of the feet before bed also lowers the risk of insomnia?

The whole body will enjoy benefits if you practice feet massage. Your health will be improved and you will feel better.

The massage ameliorates blood circulation, stimulates swollen sweat, ameliorates metabolism. Even more, massage lowers fat and speeds the flow of the nutrients through the tissue.

In addition, massage is also beneficial for the skin, making it more elastic and healthier. If you practise massage, you will look younger.

You will get improved balance, muscle appearance and posture if you practise massage. Massage impacts muscle to relax and stretch. Massage removes the acid which make spasms and facilitates digestion.

Today, people now that massage as well as pressing certain feet points impact several diseases. Massage also aids the function of the organs.


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