DIY Heavy Duty Cleaner For Every Surface

DIY Heavy Duty Cleaner For Every Surface

One unexpected benefit of the lockdown was that it forced me to prioritize tasks I wouldn't normally do, like cleaning my floors. I do occasionally manage to clean them, but not nearly as frequently as I should. To be completely honest, I detest the chore; it's not enjoyable, but it's also not horrible. However, I've since discovered a powerful floor cleaner that is lightening the workload considerably.

The cleanliness of the kitchen isn't too bad. I find that using a moist paper towel works well on my wood laminate floors. But the restrooms pose a whole other set of difficulties.

My household is predominantly occupied by males. If you’ve dealt with boys, you know exactly what that distinctive “bathroom smell” entails. I swear it’s embedded in the walls. I can meticulously clean every surface and meticulously scrub the floors, yet that aroma persists, wafting through the house like an Oscar the Grouch-inspired Glade air freshener. But this floor cleaner might just be my savior.

I stumbled upon a recipe from designed for heavy-duty cleaning akin to what you’d find in a commercial kitchen. Its purpose is to cut through grease, and it worked wonders on my kitchen floor. However, what truly caught my attention was a comment in the description: “smells amazing.”

The issue with using ammonia-based cleaners such as Pine-Sol in the bathroom is that they seem to amplify the scent of urine, making matters worse. And why resort to expensive and harsh chemicals when there’s an alternative? Indeed, my bathroom now boasts a pleasant fragrance, and the floors appear clean – at least for the fleeting duration of the next 12 seconds.

Substantial Floor Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish cleanser (blue Dawn is a supernatural occurrence in a jug I wouldn’t utilize whatever else!)
  • 1/4 cup washing soda (this can be found in the clothing walkway of the market)
  • 2 gallons faucet water, very warm water


  1. Put all the fixings into a basin and blend well until sudsy.
  2. Mop the zone with the solution. Rinsing isn’t required, yet cleaning down with a towel a short time later gives a decent perfect completion
  3. Not suggested for waxed floors–it might make the wax gunky.

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