Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (and How To Grow It)

Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (and How To Grow It)

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits, and its quitting can be extremely hard for some people. Nicotine is the substance which causes the addiction, and it forces the body to crave for more.

So the more you smoke, the more nicotine is needed.

Also, when you do not enter nicotine in the body, the withdrawal phase occurs, which can be quite difficult before your body gets used to the new life without cigarettes. The physical symptoms last for a week, but the nicotine cravings can last longer.

Yet, Stevia is a herb which can help you quit this habit. According to a recent German study, Stevia can help you stop drinking and smoking, as it blocks the craving signals for nicotine from the brain. This herb has been long used as a sweetener and is a member of the chrysanthemum family, native to Paraguay.

All you need is a few drops of Stevia, and you need to drop them directly on the tongue when you crave for cigarettes. It will instantly stop the cravings.

You can find Stevia in powder or liquid in healthy food stores and supermarkets. This herb can also help you regulate blood pressure and lose weight.

Moreover, it is excellent in the treatment of acne and dermatitis, and can be used as a facial mask, as it tightens, nourishes, and softens the skin.

This is how to grow this beneficial plant at home:

This perennial plant cannot live in freezing conditions as it likes the sun. Yet, the root can survive in zone 8, if well protected, as well as in zones 9 and warmer, and grow again in spring.

You should plant it in good-quality, loose, loamy, well-drained soil in 12-inch containers, and keep it in direct sunlight, and water it when the soil is dry.

It needs to have 18 inches free space, and it will grow 1-3 feet in height. You should wait for the frost to pass and then plant it. Use compost, and mulch, to prevent drying out in summer.

Remember that the good drainage is vital in order to prevent rotting. Note that the roots are rotten if it is still wilting after being watered.

It blooms in autumn, with white flowers, so to stimulate the growth of new leaves, you can trim off the flowers.

Its leaves are sweeter in autumn, as the taste is better before the plant blooms. To use the leaves longer, you should dry them outside in the sun.

Remove the stems, leaves, and tender stems, and scatter them on loosely woven fabric or any non-metal screening. They will be dried in a day, so collect them, and crush them using a food processor or with the hand until you get powder.

You should keep the Stevia in airtight containers, and add it to your food and drinks. It will not dissolve, but it will effectively them.

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