Eat This For Breakfast, It Will Burn Your Stomach Fat

Eat This For Breakfast, It Will Burn Your Stomach Fat

Are you on a quest to shed those stubborn stomach pounds and kickstart your day with a healthy boost? Look no further! This breakfast recipe is not only delicious but also packs a punch when it comes to burning stomach fat. Say hello to a delightful blend of dried plums, cocoa powder, ground flax seeds, oat flakes, and low-fat yogurt or sour cream. Let's dive into the details of this powerhouse breakfast that will set you on the path to a healthier, leaner you.



  • 5-6 dried plums
  • A tsp of cocoa powder
  • A tsp of ground flax seeds
  • 2 tbsp of oat flakes
  • 300 ml of low-fat yogurt or sour cream



You should prepare the breakfast in the evening for the next day. Cover the plums with 100 ml boiling water and let them stay for 10 min.

Place the cocoa, flax seed oat flakes in a bowl, pour the sour cream and mix well.

Blend the prunes we, add the previous mixture, mix again and add store it in the fridge.

Enjoy your healthy breakfast in the morning and expect the results. You will have interesting feeling your stomach during the first day and your digestive system will start work as a clock.

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