7 Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

7 Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

There's a good reason why pink Himalayan salt has become so popular in recent years. Other than being a stunning pink color, what sets it apart from all other salts? The purest salt on Earth, that's what! This salt, which is mined from the Himalayan Mountains' depths, has been there for thousands of years, hidden beneath thick layers of ice, snow, and hard lava. Therefore, the fact that this immaculate salt has some truly incredible health benefits is not at all surprising. Here are 7 benefits of pink Himalayan salt.


Body scrub

Pink Himalayan salt has a texture that is perfect for scrubbing. Beauticians believe that scrubbing once in a while is important to keep your skin smooth, and if you do it on a regular basis your body will produce more collagen, which is essential for the youth and elasticity of your skin. Pink Himalayan salt is packed with minerals that will make your skin even healthier. Combine pink salt with olive oil and your favourite essential oil for a pleasant fragrance – and your perfect DIY scrub is ready!

Yes, it’s a thing! Many people believe that pink Himalayan salt can do wonders for your respiratory system, that’s why there exist special caves made from it where you can sit, breathe in the clean air, and get better. Another thing you can do is halotherapy (just a fancy name for salt therapy) in a special room that mimics a salt cave. There you will breathe in salt particles that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This treatment is perfect for a number of respiratory illnesses as it strengthens the immune system and helps your body get rid of excessive mucus.

Electrolytes booster

If you’re having a cold, food poisoning, or simply like exercising a lot, you need something to boost your electrolyte levels. You may use some chemical concoctions like Gatorade, but it’s best to make your own healthy mix from completely natural ingredients. Take two glasses of purified water, one tablespoon of honey, half a spoon of pink salt, half a cup of freshly squeezed lime, lemon, or orange juice – and mix! It is also packed with vitamins that will instantly make you feel better.

Air purifier

You must have seen those stylish-looking pink Himalayan salt lamps that look like a prop from some sci-fi movie – well, they not only look cool, but also have incredible health benefits. When heating up these huge blocks of pink salt attract water vapour from the air with all its pollutants. Whatever dust particles or allergens there are in the air, the lamp will take care of them! You will end up breathing a much cleaner, healthier air.

Sole water

Think drinking salty water is bad for health? Not if you’re drinking the special sole water infused with pink Himalayan salt. The trick is to create water fully saturated with salt – for that you will have to take a full jug of water and fill a quarter of it with pink salt. Leave it for the night and in the morning you will find most of the salt dissolved in water. Take one teaspoon of this salty water, mix it with a glass of non-salty water, and drink every morning. This type of water cleanses your body inside out, flushes out toxins, and regulates the pH levels.

Sore throat remedy

One of the easiest ways to relieve a sore throat is to gargle it with some pink Himalayan salt. This will not cure your throat immediately, but it will relieve the pain and kill off some of the bacteria that is making you sick. For a better effect add some turmeric, which also has powerful antibacterial properties. Take one cup of warm water, add half a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt, half a teaspoon of turmeric, and mix. Do it at least twice a day and you will feel much better.


Himalayan salt is a perfect ingredient for a rejuvenating bath as it contains around 80 minerals and various elements that are incredibly healthy for your skin. Your skin will get all this goodness via dermal absorption directly from the bath water! Pink salt will cleanse, nourish, and detoxify your skin and calm your mind, especially if you add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.


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