What Did You See First? Your Answer Can Reveal a Lot About You With Almost 100% Accuracy

What Did You See First? Your Answer Can Reveal a Lot About You With Almost 100% Accuracy

According to Hermann Rorschach, the creator of a famous test with inkblots, the things that a person sees in the picture are determined by their character and personality. Abstract pictures can point out the things taking place in people’s minds, as well as reveal some hidden features of their personality. You’ll learn something new and interesting about yourself with our test. All you need to do is to look at the images and say what you saw first.

Just like you, we love funny tests a lot. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it’s a game, which means you shouldn’t take the results too seriously. Anyway, we hope that it will surprise you in a nice way.




Please find the answers below


  • Lips: you always take things the way they are and judge them by their true value. You don’t try to change or decipher things around you or understand their hidden meaning.
  • Trees: you are an ambitious person who always looks further than others. Moreover, you are a perfectionist to the core and search for the best things in any situation.
  • Roots: you are an extremely progressive person always trying to improve or change a situation.


  • Crocodile: you can be a little careless and inattentive to details by nature. Moreover, you are a practical person who doesn’t like to take risks.
  • Boat: you like nuances and slightly visible details. You prefer to stand out of the crowd as well as be a creative and unique person. Anyway, try to picture the world as a holistic thing, and don’t waste your time on the meaningless details.


  • 2 profiles: you like to look into the details. You prefer to run away from problems when you encounter them face to face.
  • Candlestick: you are the one who’d rather take a couple of steps back in order to see the whole picture. You always gather information and study a situation thoroughly before getting close to a problem and starting to solve it.


  • Cliff: you are an optimistic person who easily adapts to changes in the environment surrounding you. You are capable of finding common ground with people quickly and this fact makes you hate loneliness. You are a passionate person with thousands of new ideas in your head.
  • Cat: you are a person who likes stability. You perceive psychological and emotional balance as synonyms to personal development. Besides that, you are a responsible person who always keeps their word.
  • Face: you are an extremely creative person who sees the world as a place full of new openings and achievements. Intuition, wisdom, happiness, and satisfaction of your tireless curiosity are the most important things in life for you. You have perfect taste and a sensitive perception of art, poetry, music, and literature.


  • Couple: you become very serious when it comes to relationships. You constantly think about your loved ones who take up the biggest part of your life.
  • Explosion: you are the one who gets frightened easily. You are a little absent-minded and you don’t like to do things when you don’t know what the result will be. Occasionally you might even have conflicts with yourself.

Did you learn anything interesting about yourself? What was it? Please tell us about it in the comments and share this funny test with your friends and loved ones so that they can learn something interesting about themselves too.


Source: Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for BrightSide.me

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