This Mixture Will Make Your Home Smells Wonderful

This Mixture Will Make Your Home Smells Wonderful

Most of us want our houses to smell good, but there aren't many nice things in them that contribute to a pleasant scent. A pleasant aroma can uplift your mood, increase your energy, and fill your house with wonderful aromas.

But a lot of people struggle with offensive odors in their homes, which can seriously depress guests. It can occasionally be difficult to get rid of an unpleasant odor in the house. However, this is not the case for us; after we demonstrate how to make this amazing concoction, all of this will be forgotten.


We're going to show you how to make a natural home freshener that will eliminate all smells and leave your house smelling amazing. You will enjoy it right away if you start by spraying it in the living room! Everyone who enters your home will be envious of you for eternity if you use this wonderful air freshener just once. You will use it often after that!



  1. A tablespoon of baking soda
  2. Three cups of lukewarm water
  3. Three tablespoons of fabric softener


How To Prepare

Add the fabric softener in some empty spray bottle, then add the baking soda and fill it up with the water. Close the bottle tightly and shake it well, then spray the mixture in your home. The pleasant smell will last for an extended period – once it wears off, simply respray the mix again.



Besides this amazing home fragrance, in your home, you have many products that will deliver a pleasant smell to your clothes also. Here’s a great recipe for a homemade fabric softener:

What You Need

  1. 10 gr. of baking soda
  2. 200 ml. of hot water
  3. 800 ml. of ACV
  4. 20 drops of your favourite essential oil


How To Prepare

Take a big plastic container and pour the water in. Next,  pour the baking soda and add the apple cider vinegar and wait for the reaction to pass. Now, put the mixture into some empty bottle and keep it in the dark and cold place. Put some of the fabric softeners in the washing machine before washing or you can soak your clothes. This mixture will make them super soft and leave them smelling fresh for a more extended period.


Replace the commercial products from the market and start using these natural products instead and make your home smell wonderful and clothes smell better than before! If you like our suggestions share it on Pinterest, so your friends can enjoy it too.

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