The Shape Of Your Face Can Explain Everything About Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Face Can Explain Everything About Your Personality

Have you ever stopped to look in the mirror and really take note of the shape of your face?

Unless you have an extremely unique face shape, chances are you normally don’t pay much attention.

Isn’t everyone’s just round?

Surprisingly, there are a whole lot of different shapes of faces out there.

Knowing your face shape can be helpful when you’re doing things like trying on hats or picking out a haircut that is going to be the most flattering on you.

As it turns out, your face shape can also make interesting suggestions about who you are as a person on the inside, too.

Like many things, it’s unclear whether your personality forms as a result of your face shape, or if it’s something that just happens when we’re born.

Either way, it’s amazing to know that something so seemingly simple can really speak volumes about our identity.

Find out whether your face shape matches your personality!


1. Diamond Shape

Someone with a diamond-shaped face is widest in the middle and pointy at the chin and forehead.

Stars like Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley share this shape.

People with diamond face shapes tend to have a way with words and be great communicators.

Above all, they are perfectionists, which is great in the workplace — but also means they put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed.


2. Oval Shape

If you have an oval face shape, your face is longer than it is wide.

Oval is one of the most common face shapes, but is highly coveted for being proportional and versatile when it comes to hairstyles.

Ovals tend to be pragmatic overachievers and always set the bar very high for themselves and other people.

You won’t be surprised to hear that stars like Beyoncé and Elizabeth Taylor fit the oval face shape category.


3. Square Shape

People with square faces can be identified by their strong jawlines and wide foreheads.

If you’re square, you’re in good company. Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie also share this shape.

Those with square faces are natural-born leaders and tend to handle stress better than the rest of us.

They are also witty and known for being able to see big projects through to the end.


4. Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face means that you have a pointy chin and wider forehead.

This is often considered to be the most mathematically beautiful face shape.

Not surprisingly, these people also have big hearts and tend to be very creative.

Like the best of us, heart-shaped faces also tend to be stubborn and can be a little strong-minded.

Both Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson have heart-shaped faces.


5. Triangle Shape

People with triangle-shaped faces have larger jaws than they do foreheads.

Triangles have a lot of passion and are usually artistic and creative. With this comes a level of sensitivity, too.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Tyra Banks also have triangle face shapes.


6. Rectangle Shape

People who have rectangle faces have long and thin features.

Rectangles are very intelligent but can tend to overthink things a little bit.

As big thinkers, they are also big planners and known to be slightly distant with their own feelings.

Women like Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker have this face shape, too.


7. Round Face

Those with round face shapes look so friendly and inviting — they tend to be this way on the inside as well.

People with round face shapes are warm, sensitive, and bubbly. They are the type of people who make friends really easily.

Round shapes just have to make sure they keep their guard up, because they can be easy to take advantage of.

Celebs like Adele and Selena Gomez have round face shapes, too.


8. Oblong Shape

Oblongs are similar in appearance to rectangle face shapes, except their features are a little more round.

People with oblong faces love to follow the rules and don’t like to take huge risks.

They can be a little reserved, but they can also be some of the kindest people once you get to know them.

Carrie Underwood and Megan Fox also have oblong faces.


9. Upside-Down Triangle

People with upside-down triangle face shapes are in the company of celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway.

Those with this face shape tend to have large foreheads as well as large hearts.

They are extremely warm and make friends easily. The only problem is that sometimes people think they can be a little too friendly.


10. Trapezoid Shape

People with faces like trapezoids have angular faces that have a lot of definition.

Those with this face shape like to do things on their own and don’t need help from anyone else.

Others look to trapezoids for help and guidance. Their sharp features may seem intimidating or uninviting, but these individuals are definitely worth getting to know — they are so warm once they let you in.


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