How to Lighten Your Skin: 7 Home Remedies

How to Lighten Your Skin: 7 Home Remedies

Skin lightening is one of those methods that we women employ for various purposes. Our skin tone can become uneven at times, and environmental factors or health problems can cause imperfections to show up at other times. Make one of these incredible homemade remedies if you want to gradually even out your skin tone without resorting to chemicals. They are nourishing, safe, and will leave your skin looking radiant. Here are 7 home remedies to lighten your skin.


Papaya is one of those yummy fruits that can also be used for skin care. It’s full of nutrients and antioxidants that will keep your skin healthy, all the while moisturizing it and improving complexion. Papaya is one of the most famous skin lightening remedies that you can easily use at home. For a natural whitening mask mash papaya and banana together, mix in some honey, and apply to your face for 20 minutes.


Honey has amazing antibacterial properties and can be used as a remedy for acne, as well as dark spots. Some beauticians believe you can even treat hyperpigmentation with honey! Whatever skin imperfections you have, honey is the most natural cure that will rejuvenate your skin, adding a healthy glow to it. Apply honey directly to the dark spots or make a light mask by mixing it with oatmeal, yoghurt, or banana.

Yoghurt + Gram Flour

Women have been using yoghurt as a skin lightener for centuries. It’s one of the simplest and most natural home remedies for improving skin tone. It’s packed with lactic acid that is the number one whitening agent that will make your skin fair and radiant. In India, women know about the medicinal properties of gram flour that can cure acne and prevent skin infections. Mix yoghurt and gram flour to create a perfect nourishing skin mask. Apply it to your skin and leave for around half an hour, then rinse it off.


If you want to make a perfect whitening face mask right now, oatmeal is your number one ingredient. Not only is it good for your health, but it can also improve your skin tone and protect it from sun rays. It contains flavonoids that protect your skin from the environment and it can also be used to treat skin irritation, rashes, and dryness. You can mix it with milk, yoghurt, honey, or coconut oil for best results. Your skin will definitely thank you!


Cucumber is well-known for its hydrating properties, so it’s a perfect face mask ingredient, especially in summer. Cucumber juice is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help reduce skin irritation, improve complexion, and add a healthy glow. If you are experiencing problems with your skin tone and want to lighten it up a bit – apply some cucumber juice to your face on a regular basis.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the go-to ingredient for all skin care products. There’s a reason for that! It’s a powerful antioxidant that promotes cell growth, improving your skin’s health and complexion. If you have damaged skin, uneven skin tone, dryness, or a case of suntan gone wrong, apply aloe vera gel to your skin and leave it for at least 20 minutes. You can make it an everyday skin care routine, especially in summer.


Lemon is probably one of the most famous skin lighteners ever. It’s used both on hair and skin with equally good results, but it can take some time for the effect to show. Take freshly squeezed lemon juice, dilute it with water, and apply to your skin for 10-15 minutes. Due to its high acidity, lemon juice can irritate skin, especially if there is any kind of damage, so make sure you don’t have any wounds on your face. It’s best to try lemon juice on a small patch of skin first to be sure it doesn’t cause irritation. Lemon juice contains citric acid, a powerful bleaching agent, which makes lemons your number one home remedy for lightening your skin.


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