How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs In Five Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs In Five Easy Steps

The phrase "strawberry leg" refers to blackened pores that allow hair to grow. These black pores are safe, but they usually have a bothersome appearance that makes you feel conscious of them. If you have tanned, they become even more noticeable.


How to Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

The dark pores on legs will appear in various parts of the body like arms or most likely fresh shaven legs. The good thing is that your strawberry legs can get treated and even prevented from occurring with a daily cleansing routine.


Improve The Exfoliation

For jumpstart a lazy complexion that hasn’t been performing well on its own, exfoliation is mandatory step! Routine exfoliation stimulates the removal of dead skin layers so the hair enters through the skin preferably than growing inside the skin.


Homemade Leg Scrub

We are going to share a body scrub recipe that will help you get rid of strawberry legs:

  • Two teaspoons of sugar or salt
  • One teaspoon of copra oil or your preferred oil
  • Half teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • Single teaspoon aloe gel
  • A fresh lemon juice

Combine all the components together to make a paste and smoothly scrub the affected space with a circular motion for 3-4 minutes.



1.) Soak your legs with heat Water or Take a hot shower
it will open up the pores as the warmth opens and expands cells creating gap the door for a flush.


2.) Exfoliate the Skin
We suggest making your own sugar scrub with just a few ingredients. When applying the scrub, don’t press too much, that will irritate the skin.


3.) Wash with Cold Water
After exfoliation, you have to wash the skin with some cold water. This step helps to shut the pores so dirt and oil will not let back in.


4.) Run Some Ice cubes
This is a really helpful additional step. Just places some ice cubes in the towel and slowly move it alongside the arms/legs for a few minutes. It will constrict the pores and close them additionally.


5.) Apply Some Toner 
The last step is to use a toner. When applying toner to the skin, it will restore the natural pH balance of the skin. It means that once gap the cells and obtaining all the junk out, a toner will cure any residual irritation and heal up the freshly closed pores.


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