How to Get rid of Ringworm Fast and Forever

How to Get rid of Ringworm Fast and Forever

We will learn how to permanently and quickly eradicate ringworm here. Ringworm is a round-shaped infection that can affect your hands, neck, legs, or any other part of your body. A fungal infection called ringworm develops as a result of the growth of fungi and viruses in the affected area. Although ringworm is not a serious condition, it should be treated promptly to prevent it from spreading further and leaving a large scar on your body. Additionally, because ringworm is contagious, it can infect members of your family or friends.

Although there are antifungal products and medications on the market that can treat ringworm, these medications have a lot of negative side effects.

The best ringworm herbal remedies found in Ayurvedic books are a better, more conventional method of treating ringworm. These treatments are all-natural and have no negative side effects. These remedies provide longer-lasting results and assist you in addressing the underlying causes of your issue.

Today, we bring you the best herbal remedies for ringworm fast and forever. These remedies are already being used by thousands of people in their homes and are suggested by the homeopaths too.

How to Get rid of Ringworm Fast and Forever:

1. Camphor Remedy for Ringworm:

This white solid substance, used in so many ways is also a remedy for ringworm. Camphor comes from bark and wood of camphor and it is used in Ayurveda as well as Chinese medicine(TCM). In other words, camphor is an ancient Indian medicine used in the treatment of fungal infections and its antifungal properties also makes it a herbal home remedy for ringworm.

There are multiple ways to use camphor to treat ringworm, some of them are:

A. Simply take a very small quantity for camphor, around a pinch and rub it on and around the area where there is infection visible. Do this regularly until a visible gain in ringworm is seen.



1.Sesame oil

2.Camphor in powdered form

How to use:

Mix required sesame oil with camphor powder and rub this mixture on and around the area of ringworm, do this twice a day to see if any improvement in ringworm.



1.Camphor oil

2.Almond or olive oil

How to use:

mix two or three tablespoons of camphor oil with two or three tablespoon Of olive or almond oil and apply this mixture on and around your ringworm infected area. Do this twice or thrice a day to see visible improvements

**Camphor is used in homes for different purposes but it should be used with caution as it is a poisonous substance if INGESTED and should be used with care in external use also.


2. Olive Leaf Remedy for Ringworm:

Olive leaf is a perfect herbal remedy for ringworm. It is enriched with excellent therapeutic properties. Its antiviral property makes it a must in the list of herbal remedy for ringworm. Olive leaf helps you boost your immune system. Due to its anti fungal properties, olive leaf fights bacteria of the ringworm and vanish its roots from the body part where it developed.


1.Olive leaf extract powder

2.Olive oil

Make a paste by mixing the olive leaf extract powder and olive oil and apply this paste to your ringworm and around it. Use duct tap to keep the paste applied on the infected area.


3. Aloe Vera Remedy for Ringworm:

Aloe Vera is a good working remedy for ringworm, take the gel out of the Aloe Vera and apply it directly to your skin where it is infected by the ringworm for a night. Wash it next morning and continue applying it every night before going to the sleep. Soon you will able to see the positive changes in the infected area.


4. Lavender oil Remedy for Ringworm:

Lavender oil consist of strong antifungal properties. Many studies showed that lavender oil kills the fungi completely from its spot and heals ringworm.  Applying few drop of lavender oil on the infected area can help you get rid of the ringworm or fungal infection.

Lavender oil is one of the most powerful herbal remedies for ringworm as it not only removes the ringworm but also pluck its roots from the area where it is infected.

Well, lavender oil alone is a powerful herbal remedy for ringworm but it can be added to another ingredient such as I,e. Jojoba oil for better instant effect.

Mix a drop of lavender oil with a teaspoon of jojoba oil and apply this mixture to the infected area and leave it for a night.

This mixture is usually used to heal the infection in babies as it is the safest and soothing remedy for fungal infection.


5. Neem Remedy for Ringworm:

Neem is a powerful anti fungal and anti bacterial comes from Ayurveda. Neem powder is helpful in curing ringworm. Neem powder and Neem oil can be used to fight against the toughest of the ringworm and many other infections.

There are different methods in which Neem can be used :

1. Take Neem powder and mix it with water to make a paste and apply in on the ringworm. Repeat this process many times a day until results are seen.

2. You can also use Neem oil and apply it directly to the ringworm. Repeat this thrice a day.

3. Add Neem oil to aloe Vera gel and apply this mixture to your ring worm three or four times a day.


6. Turmeric Remedy for Ringworm:

Turmeric comes from Ayurveda for the treatment of fungal infections. Turmeric can treat various skin diseases as it is packed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and Antifungal properties and it is a perfect remedy for the treatment of ringworm.

Turmeric oil or turmeric root are used for the perfect treatment of ringworm.


1.Turmeric oil

2.Turmeric root and turmeric powder

Use some water and crush some turmeric roots to make a paste. Now simply just apply this paste to the infected area and leave it there for twenty minutes. Wash this area with warm water. Now take turmeric oil and apply this oil on the ringworm.


7. Coconut oil Remedy for Ringworm:

Coconut oil eliminates the fungi with ease. Coconut oil contains lauric acid. The lauric acid is capable of killing wide range of fungal species and so, the chances that your ringworm will get cured are more than normal.coconut oil kills the base of the fungal infection and so as removing the ringworm.

Take few drops of coconut oil and directly apply it to tour ringworm. Message on and around the ringworm with little pressure.

Repeat this twice or thrice a day. Before going to the bed apply coconut oil on the ringworm and leave it for the night.

Soon you will begin to see improvement in the infection.


8. Apple cider vinegar Remedy for Ringworm:

Apple cider vinegar has some highly acidic properties which give rise to its antifungal properties. It is nontoxic in nature and so it is safe for use in every age group.

Apple cider vinegar can help you eliminates the ringworm completely forever from its roots.



1.Apple cider vinegar


Clean the infected area and dry it. Before applying apple cider vinegar to your ringworm be completely sure about the sensitivity of your skin. You can feel burning sensation if your skin is sensitive to vinegar.

Take cotton and soak apple cider vinegar in it. Now leave the cotton with vinegar on the ringworm for an hour or half.

Do this twice a day until the ringworm is cured and vanished completely.

So, these were some amazing remedies for ringworm. With a hope that these will also prove beneficial for you like they did to million others. These remedies are safe to use them without worries.


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