Cure For Swollen Feet And Ankles After A Work Day

Cure For Swollen Feet And Ankles After A Work Day

Swollen feet have been linked to extremely challenging conditions, such as heart disease or liver problems. Here's a natural method for improving your feet and reducing swelling: Swollen feet can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, dyspnea, skin color changes, and chest pain. Seeking advice from a specialist is advised to prevent serious harm, as swelling is often a reflection of medication use.


Short exercise

Swimming is the perfect exercise if you suffer from leg swelling. It improves the blood circulation and prevents the accumulation of the blood in the lower body parts. Another great option is Yoga, will stretch your legs and activate them also.


Place the legs on the wall

Place the legs up on a pillow while laying down on the sofa, or on the wall for about 30 minutes whenever your legs are swollen. This will normalize the blood circulation in the body and reduce the excess liquids that body accumulates.


A short walk

If your work makes you sit for a longer period, then its highly recommended to use your breaks for a short walk. So just stand up and walk, even now. It will prevent the swelling of the feet and legs.


Adequate socks

With other words compressive socks. It is tough to fix them on, however, they are comfortable. They will help the blood capillaries to shift to more flexible. And also prevents varicose veins.


Proper Diet

Try not to eat too much salt. If you eat much salt will make your body to retain the water. Try to eat vegetables, fruits, and proteins. This will help you be healthy in so many ways.



Drink a lot of water, because drinking water will keep the cells hydrated and help detox the body. Drinking approx ten glasses of water should be a daily routine everyone should follow.


Epsom salt 

Soak the feet and ankles also, for good 15-20 minutes in a cold bath of Epsom salt to reduce swelling-related pain.


 Magnesium supplements

Just by adding 200-400 mg of magnesium into your diet can improve and narrow the water retention and pain. Consult with to your specialist before taking excess volumes of this supplement. It’s important to note, as you shouldn’t use magnesium it if you have hearth issues or kidney.



Remember, any massage is always good for swollen feet. To summarize, for best results, try to use more than a single of above-mentioned treatments at a time. For instance, if you walk for training, just use compression-socks treatment. If you swim, think of adding yoga to the routine.

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