Chia Water To Detox Your Body & Burn Body Fat

Chia Water To Detox Your Body & Burn Body Fat

Some foods, like chia seeds, have the ability to aid in your weight-loss efforts. You can make a number of drinks with chia seeds, like this chia and almond milk drink or this chia water recipe.

Chia seeds are nutritious seeds that have gained popularity recently due to their superior nutritional value. Chia seeds have been shown to be very helpful in treating obesity and reducing certain health risks. It also lowers anxiety, speeds up metabolism, limits sugar and fat intake, and stimulates the liver and intestinal peristalsis. In addition to the health benefits of chia seeds, they also contain nutrients that help fight other harmful factors like high triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, and hyperglycemia.

By using chia seeds, you can prepare many recipes, like salads, bread, juices, smoothies, etc. Despite all these meals and salads, you can also make a pleasing and relaxing drink that can support you to “wash” out the inner body, reduce fat and reduce a few excess pounds off your body.
Please follow the instructions provided below and send us the sample (tries) of your chia water drink.

Recipe for Chia Water


  • One liter of water.
  • One tablespoon of chia seeds.
  • Juice of two squeezed lemons.
  • Sweetener up to desired taste.


  • In some glass of water, cover the chia seeds for approximately an hour (don’t forget to stir it frequently).
  • Put the rest of the water in a pot, combine the freshly squeezed juice of a lemon. And then add the sweetener (as desired).
  • Join the previously macerated seeds, stir well and put in the fridge.


How to drink chia water to get its benefits

Pour the mix into a glass, before serving this drink stir to mix the seeds well, and then take up to 3 glasses daily.


When to drink it

The best time to take the drink is in the early morning before breakfast. Like this, you can take benefit of its satiating characteristics. Or drink it 15 minutes ere any meal even when you feel starving. Take advantage of the profits from the chia seeds and profitably lose weight and enhance your cardiovascular health.

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