7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work

7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work

Even though diets are very popular, they don't always have the long-term results that people want. It can be discouraging to try again and again without seeing any progress. particularly if you're following a strict plan and experience constant deprivation. This severe cycle can be brought about by deprivation, as it can intensify cravings for foods that are prohibited.

Numerous studies show that dieters struggle to maintain their diets because, when they abruptly stop eating something, their bodies begin to crave it even more. What was the outcome? Individuals who feel like they've failed eventually go back to their unhealthy routines. Instead of eliminating anything entirely, master the skill of moderation. These are all the reasons diets are ineffective, along with what you should do in their place.

1. Sticking with a too-strict plan

There’s a fun way to eat healthily, and dieting isn’t it. When you tie yourself to a strict plan, you start to want those foods even more than you did before you went on a diet. This overly strict regimen is the reason.

Sticking with a too-strict plan | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

2. Feeling deprived at restaurants

When you’re on a diet, going to restaurants can be triggering. You might constantly be scanning the menus for low-calorie, healthy choices amongst butter-laden options. When you get those cravings or feel deprived, you might give in and end up bingeing or making otherwise poor food decisions. The result? When you go out, order in moderation or only order appetizers.

Feeling deprived at restaurants | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

3. It deprives you of energy

Food is fantastic because it fuels you for hours. If you’re on a no-carb diet, you’re probably drained, and the feeling of that exhaustion is a lack of fuel. Dieting can make you feel tired all the time because your system is deprived of food. This is why temporary diets are not ideal, but a balanced and healthy lifestyle is. 

It deprives you of energy | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

4. There’s no balance

Like everything else in life, balance is very important. If you feel like your diet is taking over your life and stopping you from being happy, it probably means that you’re not allowing for a healthy balance in your life. Can’t decide between having zero pancakes or four pancakes? Maybe you can consider just eating one pancake.

There’s no balance | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

5. Temptation surrounds you

When you’re on a diet, temptations seem to be glaring at you from all angles. Even at the gym, there are smoothies packed with sugar, and at work, there are donuts, cake, and other things that make you want to scratch that junk food itch. To remedy this, you can either have just a bite of cake or half a donut at workplace celebrations, but you can also bring your own delicious and nutritious snacks, like fruit salad. 

Temptation surrounds you | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

6. It makes you crave forbidden foods more than ever

The whole point of dieting is to cut out forbidden foods, but for some reason, we get an even stronger hankering for junk food when we cut ourselves off from it completely. Try to make healthy substitutes and swaps instead, like subbing yogurt for butter in a cake or brownie mix. Try this in a range of recipes and just see the possibilities.

It makes you crave forbidden foods more than ever | 7 Reasons Dieting Doesn’t Work | Herbeauty

7. Our bodies yearn to live in moderation

As humans, we naturally crave balance, so learn how to drop that all-or-nothing mentality. Learning to live in moderation can be interpreted in many ways. Firstly, you can start making food at home rather than always eating out, which will allow you to control the ingredients. As hard as it might be to leave diet culture in the past, your brain and body will thank you in the long-term.


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